HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 7, Issue 1

Spinal Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak –An Under-recognized Cause of Headache More common than expected, why is this type of headache so often misdiagnosed or the diagnosis is delayed? Challenging the “One Size Fits All” Approach in Modern Medicine As research becomes more patient-centric, it is time to recognize individual variations in response to treatment and determine why these differences occur. Newly Approved CGRP Blocker, Aimovig™, the First Ever Migraine- Specific Preventive Medicine The approval of erenumab and eventually, other drugs in this class heralds a new dawn for migraine therapy. But will it be accessible for patients who could respond to it? Remembering Donald J. Dalessio, MD The Headache Clinic Featuring the Baylor Scott & White Headache Clinic in Temple, Texas. An Excerpt from the New Book – Headache Solutions at the Diamond Headache Clinic Written by Doctor Diamond in collaboration with Brad Torphy, MD. $6.99 Volume 7, Issue 1 •2018 www.headaches.org