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Loving People Who Are Hard To Love : Transforming Your World By Learning To Love Unconditionally Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer reminds us that everything the Lord asks us to do in the Bible is ultimately for our good – including choosing to love our enemies and forgive those who have hurt us – and that he ’ ll help us to do so , even when it seems impossible . 613673 Hardback RLS GE $ 39.99
Live Your Truth ( And Other Lies ): Exposing Popular Deceptions That Make Us Anxious , Exhausted , And Self-Obsessed Alisa Childers Being the captain of your own destiny and striving to make your dreams a reality is a huge burden that you were never meant to bear . Discover true freedom instead ! 612026 Paperback LIV GE $ 27.99
Risen Motherhood : Gospel Hope For Everyday Moments ( Deluxe Edition ) Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler Discover how the gospel applies to specific issues of motherhood , bringing hope , freedom and joy to every area of life . This beautiful new deluxe edition of Risen Motherhood includes three new chapters . 614846 Hardback WOM GE $ 38.99
Timothy Keller : His Spiritual And Intellectual Formation Collin Hansen Collin Hansen , vice president of content and editor in chief for The Gospel Coalition , takes readers behind the scenes to meet the people and understand the events that formed Keller ’ s spiritual life and ministry priorities . 622900 Paperback BG GE $ 35.99
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Preparing For Easter : Fifty Devotional Readings From C S Lewis C S Lewis Designed to help readers fully appreciate Easter , this volume brings together fifty carefully selected excerpts from Lewis ’ works . CL CS 545541 Paperback $ 19.99
Who Moved The Stone ? Frank Morison Initially setting out to debunk the resurrection , author Frank Morison was eventually converted through his own research . Writing this book changed Morison ’ s life . Will you let it change yours ? AP GE 249452 Paperback $ 19.99
The Case For Easter Lee Strobel Written in Lee Strobel ’ s distinctive journalistic style , The Case for Easter probes the core issues of the resurrection . Jesus Christ , risen from the dead : superstitious myth or life-changing reality ? AP GE 517920 Paperback $ 6.99
Surprised By Hope : Re-Thinking Heaven , Resurrection , And The Mission Of The Church Tom Wright In this engaging and highly accessible book , theologian Tom Wright explores the Christian hope of life beyond death , and the effect it has on the lives we lead now . TH ES 335535 Paperback $ 24.99
Hope In Times Of Fear : The Lesson Of The Resurrection And The True Meaning Of Easter Timothy Keller Keller reveals the central message of the Christian gospel – with piercing insight , unshakeable faith , and a profound message of hope for the world . TH CH 580191 Paperback $ 27.99
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