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Is Easter Unbelievable ? Four Questions Everyone Should Ask About The Resurrection Story Rebecca McLaughlin It ’ s commonplace today to view the resurrection of Jesus as the stuff of make-believe . But Jesus really did rise from the dead – and it ’ s the best news ever . In this concise book , the awardwinning author of Confronting Christianity outlines the compelling evidence . 637038 Paperback AP GE $ 7.99
Repackaging Christianity : Alpha And The Building Of A Global Brand Andrew Atherstone Over a million participants attend the Alpha course every year . Although it has attracted wide public commentary , its full , fascinating story has not been told – until now . “ In this well-researched and compelling account , [ Alpha ] has now found its historian .” – Professor Timothy Larsen , Wheaton College . 626885 Hardback HIS GE $ 49.99
The Air We Breathe : How We All Came To Believe In Freedom , Kindness , Progress , And Equality Glen Scrivener Christianity is widely considered to be outdated , bigoted and responsible for society ’ s ills , leaving believers embarrassed about their faith and others wary . But what if – far from being the enemy of our modern Western values – Christianity is the very thing that makes sense of them ? 614751 Paperback BST GE $ 22.99
EASTER RESOURCES | evangelism , devotions and more
Honest Evangelism : How To Talk About Jesus Even When It ’ s Tough Rico Tice , foreword by D A Carson Short , clear , honest , and humorous , this book will help you make the most of your conversations about Jesus . LIV EV 429596 Paperback $ 16.99
What Happened At The Cross : The Price Of Victory Billy Graham Perfect for Lent and Easter , this book clearly explains the meaning and significance of the Cross , inviting sinners to walk with the one true Saviour who is willing and able to forgive . LIV GE 591582 Hardback $ 27.99
The Wonder Of Easter : An Easter Journey For The Whole Family Ed Drew Based on Luke ’ s Gospel , this flexible , easy-to-use Lent devotional will allow both adults and children to celebrate the limitless wonder of Easter . DE EA 527345 Paperback $ 14.99
Grace And Hope : A 40-Day Devotional For Lent And Easter Dr Brian Simmons These 40 short Lenten devotions will focus your heart and prepare your soul to celebrate the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus at Easter . Each devotion includes a Bible reading from the TPT . DE EA 441705 Hardback $ 12.99
How To Talk About Jesus ( Without Being That Guy ) Sam Chan Utilising recent insights from cross-cultural ministry , communication theory , and apologetics , Sam Chan will help you share your faith in socially appropriate ways . LIV EV 566411 Paperback $ 26.99