Hazleton Area Business Citizen March 2014 | Page 8

Hazleton Area Business Citizen For example we have “Third-Base hoagie day” on Wednesdays at the facilities which have our micro markets. HABC: The manufacturing base in the Hazleton area has changed. How do you see this change in regard to what had been an economy based more on manufacturing to one now where there is more 6 distribution? Are these differences something that has affected your business? Dave DeLessio: I’m happy that the distribution centers are here or we would have nothing, but it’s not the same. The people who worked in the manufacturing companies obviously had more expendable income than people who are working in a distribution center. To a vending company that makes a big dif- ference. If you don’t have expendable income, you’re brown bagging it instead of buying a sandwich out of the vending machine. HABC: You mentioned that at one time there were at least 12 locally owned vending companies in the area. As one of the few who remain in business and who are independent, what keeps you going? HABC March 1, 2014