Hazleton Area Business Citizen March 2014 | Page 3

The HABC Hazleton Area Business Citizen VOL. 1, NO. 3 | 2014 The Hazleton Area Business Citizen Established January 1, 2014 Promoting a Free Market in the Greater Hazleton Area Published by Citizen Publishing Company, Incorporated P.O. Box 2335 Hazleton, PA 18201 Editor, Joseph Cammisa Associate Editor, Stephanie J. Beavers Associate Editor, Alexis J. Neapolitan Inside 2 Editor’s Desk 3 Contributors 4 The Interview 11 At a Glance 13 Art 17 On Business 19 The Review 23 Lite and a Little Off Dave DeLessio, General Vending Co. Selected Works - Dennis Huff The Sound of Success Is Not Only Cha-Ching TV Shows Under The Radar Streets ON THE COVER: PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Photograph - Dave DeLessio Michael Lucas Send all correspondance to The Hazleton Area Business Citizen, c/o Citizen Publishing Company, Incorporated, P.O. Box 2335, Hazleton, PA 18201 or [email protected]. HABC March 1, 2014 1