Hazleton Area Business Citizen March 2014 | Page 19

Promoting a free market in the Greater Hazleton Area On Business Stephanie J. Beavers The Sound of Success Is Not Only Cha-Ching If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had success as an entrepreneur. Chances are you’ve also had more than one failure or setback. I know I have. Had success, that is. And failure. Theoretically, I learn from both. I learn what works well and keep on doing that (or I do it bigger or better or faster or whatever the circumstances require). I also learn from my mistakes and do my best to correct and not repeat them. Entrepreneurial success does not always come easy. I’m always curious to know how others achieve it. Did they do it singlehandedly or did they have help? What guidance did they receive? What tips and advice did they follow? I recently read an article in which several very successful entrepreneurs shared tips on the best advice they had ever received. Interestingly, when you read the sage advice, and really think about it, you find it’s possible to apply virtually every tip to your own circumstances, however unique they may be. One important bit of advice that flies in the face of today’s culture of instant gratificatio