Hazleton Area Business Citizen March 2014 | Page 10

Hazleton Area Business Citizen HABC: From the point of view of a worker, what you’ve just said is tough. What advice would you give to a seventeen-year-old or even a sixteen-year-old who’s in highschool? Dave DeLessio: Trades. HABC: Really. Dave DeLessio: Yes. I foresee within the next ten years, there is going to be such a shortage of carpenters and roofers and other trades people. Seriously, how many thirty-five year old electricians do you know? How many thirty-five year old plumbers do you know? Now tell me, how many fifty-five-year old plumbers do you know, or fifty year old plumbers do you know? For kids that really don’t know what to do, especially ones that have some mechanical skills and are good with their hands, trades. HABC: Are you suggesting that high school vo-tech or career center is sufficient, or would post secondary trade school be advisable too? Dave DeLessio: It depends on the job market. Sometimes it’s difficult with just a vo-tech education to get out there. I don’t know if that’s still the case or if you need trade school. As far as higher education, higher education is something that can never be taken away. 8 HABC March 1, 2014