Hazleton Area Business Citizen Feb. 2014 | Page 4

Hazleton Area Business Citizen Editor’s Desk If you’re joining us for the first time, welcome. If this is your second visit to the Hazleton Area Business Citizen, thank you for coming back. We hope you enjoyed HABC’s inaugural edition and that you’ll find this month’s edition equally interesting. While the intent of the publication remains the same—to recognize and promote a responsible, free market in the Greater Hazleton Area—the look and feel of the journal continues to evolve. Readers will observe subtle changes as we take on new topics, add features, and fine-tune the design. What will not change, however, is the single, most important standard for our content: that it will originate from the wealth of knowledge, talent, and experience of Hazleton area business people, professionals and citizens. Each month we interview a local business professional (or professionals) to get their insights and perspectives on the free market. Monthly you will also see stunning art work— paintings, photographs, and more—some by people who paint or take photos for a living and others by people who have, for one reason or another, managed to keep their talents hidden from the general public. Other recurring features include an insightful, informational column addressing business topics of interest, On Business; The Review, providing commentary on films, literature, and theater; and Lite and a Little Off, whose title speaks for it self. The editors are very interested in submissions to The HABC. In fact we believe that as a magazine for and about the business and professional communities of the Hazleton Area, the HABC should include writings by those same people. The only proviso is to adhere to the submission guidelines on the following page. We hope you find interesting this issue of The HABC and we look forward to providing your information and entertainment both online and in print every month of the year. The Editors 2 HABC February 1, 2014