Hazleton Area Business Citizen Feb. 2014 | Page 23

Promoting a free market in the Greater Hazleton Area The Review Alexis J. Neapolitan, Jr. A Streetcar Named Jasmine and The Butler Did It When did Woody Allen lose his creativity, his originality? “Midnight in Paris” was a critical and box office success as well as an Oscar nominee for Best Screenplay. Yet it was basically Allen treading familial waters commingling his fictional characters with real life artists from the past. His follow up film was “To Rome With Love” which overall was more entertaining than “Midnight in Paris,” but still less than his best. “To Rome With Love” at least has several humorous star turns particularly by Roberto Benigni and Judy Davis. Now here is “Blue Jasmine,” a direct rip-off of Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire.” In Blanche’s (Vivien Leigh) place, we have Cate Blanchett as Jasmine. In Stanley’s (Marlon Brando) stead, Allen has cast Bobby Cannavale as Chili. Cast in Stella’s (Kim Hunter) role is Sally Hawkins. Finally in the role of Mitch (Karl Malden) is Peter Sarsgaard. Allen’s new film is William ϊd