Having your Baby at Kapiolani (June 2019) - Page 8

Tips to Prepare for Baby (for Mom/Partner) First Trimester Second Trimester • BOTH: Are you ready for this? It’s normal for you both to be nervous and scared, and to wonder if you are really ready. Talk about your feelings together. • BOTH: Mom – you probably want to go to every baby store there is on island. Partner – it’s important that you be a part of getting ready for your baby too. • PARTNER: This is your pregnancy, too! Mom is going to need your help. Don’t think that just because the baby is inside her that there’s nothing for you to do. • BOTH: The most important thing you need to buy for your baby is a car seat. Make sure the car seat fits in your car, and that the seat belts will securely hold the car seat. Check that it is certified to be used in a car and isn’t just a baby carrier. Have your car seat checked by a car seat technician at Kapi‘olani. To make an appointment call 527-2588. For other car seat inspection stations, visit kipchawaii.org. • MOM: Symptoms of pregnancy may start to appear. This might include morning sickness, weight gain and heartburn. It’s a good idea to drink lots of water, eat healthy food and exercise. • PARTNER: You can help by doing activities with her and by helping out around the house when she is tired. • BOTH: Stop any bad habits: drinking alcohol, smoking or using drugs. It will be easier if you quit together. • BOTH: Start talking to your baby. Your baby can hear and will learn to recognize both of your voices long before he or she is born. • MOM: Changes in hormones may cause you to be more emotional than usual. This is completely normal. • PARTNER: Emotions are not “in her head.” She also does not have much control over how she feels. Be extra under- standing and support her. • BOTH: It’s very important to go to childbirth classes together. Both of you will be a big part of the labor and delivery process. • BOTH: Keep talking, singing and reading to your baby. Your baby will recognize your voice when born. THIRD TRIMESTER • BOTH: The big day is almost here! • PARTNER: Mom will need lots of support and reassurance. Remind her how beautiful she is. Tell her how great you feel to see her belly grow bigger with your baby. Place your hand on her belly often to feel your baby moving. • BOTH: Keep talking to your baby. Your baby can hear every- thing you say, and will recognize both of your voices when he or she is born. • BOTH: Don’t miss any prenatal care check-ups. • BOTH: Attend childbirth classes together. • BOTH: Talk about names for your baby. • PARTNER: Plan on being in the delivery room when your baby is born. Mom needs you there. If you’re worried, talk to her about your concerns. 6 |