Having your Baby at Kapiolani (June 2019) - Page 7

Maternity Programs and Classes Maternity Tour Free Experience our free Maternity Tour and see why Kapi‘olani is the right choice for you and your baby. Visit our Family Birth Center suites, learn about the specialized care available, and see exactly what you can expect on the big day. Tours are offered at convenient times throughout the week. Reservation required. Adults only, please. Looking For a Doctor? Free Breastfeeding Whether you’re looking for an OB-GYN close to home or a pediatrician for your baby-to-be, our experienced staff can help. Call 527-2588. Our three–hour class is designed to prepare expectant couples for breastfeeding. This class covers lactation, breastfeeding techniques, how babies nurse and problem- solving tips. (Part of the Infant Care Series.) Prepared Childbirth This class is designed for expectant couples in their last three months of pregnancy. Topics include prenatal care, normal discomforts of pregnancy, signs of labor, contractions, comfort measures, breathing techniques for labor, relaxation exercises, phases of labor, birthing options, pain medication, partner’s role, caesarean delivery and postpartum care. Various series options are available to meet your individual needs. Infant Care/CPR/Breastfeeding A series of classes for expectant couples includes Infant CPR, Breastfeeding and Baby Basics, like bathing, diapering, information on wellness, illness, child-proofing your home, crying, colic and car seat safety. CPR FAMILY & FRIENDS (INFANT CPR) AND CPR FAMILY & FRIENDS (PEDIATRIC CPR) Both of these classes are for awareness not certification. Each class is two hours long and designated for parents and caregivers to learn the techniques for CPR and how to stop a child from choking. Positively Pregnant Free A free two–hour class with our helpful pregnancy guide. Available to all couples planning or expecting a baby, this class can help you have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. Topics include common discomforts of pregnancy and what you can do. It also covers exercise, nutrition, changes that mom will go through and signs of complica-tions. Call Positively Pregnant at 535-7474 or register online at Kapiolani.org. Infant care for grandparents and caregivers This series is designed to educate grandparents and caregivers on the newest ways to care for a newborn baby. Topics will include updated baby care basics, safety, car seats and Infant CPR. Baby care basics include feeding, bathing, swaddling and sleep position (Should baby sleep on their stomach or back? Should bumper pads be placed in the crib?) This class will give grandparents the rationale of the current findings and what can be done now. The INFANT CPR class provides these techniques for infants up to 12 months old and is part of the Infant Care series mentioned above. The PEDIATRIC CPR class is separate and is for those with children ages 13 months to 8 years. For registration or information on class schedule, location and costs, call 527-2588 or visit us online at kapiolani.org. | 5