Having your Baby at Kapiolani (June 2019) | Page 3

Kapi‘olani Family Birth Center The Best Choice for Your Baby Selecting a birthing Aloha, facility is one of the Thank you for requesting your free “Having a Baby” Kit. The enclosed materials will help most important decisions of your pregnancy. That is you prepare for a healthy, happy baby. This is a joyous time for you in the coming months, you’ll be doing fun things like choosing your baby’s name and picking out nursery colors. You will also be making some very why we are proud important decisions, like where you’ll have your baby. of the fact that we Families and physicians rely on the Kapi‘olani Family Birth Center more than any other deliver more babies hospital for safe, specialized care for baby. We hope you will choose Kapi‘olani too. in Hawai‘i than anywhere else. There’s a lot of great information and value packed into this kit! • Having Your Baby at Kapi‘olani. Essential information about Kapi‘olani. • Planning for Baby. Helpful check-off lists in planning for your baby. •  Maternity Program and Classes. We offer a range of maternity and parenting programs for you and your family. (Classes fill quickly, so please sign up right away. Call 527-2588 or visit us online at Kapiolani.org.)  Free Family Birth Center Tour. Take a guided tour of our beautiful birthing suites and see for yourself the specialized care available for baby. Call 527-2588 to register. •  Tips to Prepare for Baby. Helpful information for you and your partner. • Pre–Registration. Take care of the paperwork now, then relax. Simply complete and return the enclosed form so everything is ready and waiting for you. Or pre-register online at Kapiolani.org.