Haven on the Hill Haven on the Hill - SA Home Owner - Jan/Feb 2003 - Page 5

.,. t.\ :,i..-..tti !g €F* 4i n 5UIV]\IER PTACE SPAS AND BATHS O] 1 463 7775 gym for the tiniest member of the family and is any child's dream garden, As we leave, a family content, proud and most apparently loving their new home bids us farewell, leaving the warm feeling of a holiday home with the folks, *^ ii:1=;::, :.i:r'f: This understated and sophisticated bathroom was decorated with accessories and of the oval jetted bath. lt features convex back rests for armchair comfort and six 90 litres per sanitaryware from Bathroom Bizarre. The company specialises in innovative bathroom for two adults and the jets are strategically d6cor, as well as all the necessary fittings making it an all-inclusive bathroom supplier. ln addition to this, Bathroom Bizarre offers a measure and quote service on all custom-made shower doors. :::-;.i-';'.;!1 :.;1',:,;=.;.:;, An inVitation to luxury, this Parisienne bath from Summer Place Spas and Baths was designed to meet the popular appeal PROFESSIONALS Linda Lee Architectural Design - architecture Francois Mynhardt Civil - construction minute centre air jets. The Parisienne is designed placed for the most beneficial massage. -.;..':.:''-:'Adding an air of warmth and atmosphere to the room, this functional and striking fireplace has been supplied by Home in up market fire places and braai units and offers home owners the highest quality products and service. Fires. The company specialises toME F RES 012 998 3146 CONTACIS: Bathroom Bizarre - bathroom d6cor and fixtures 086T 555 000, wwwbathroom.coza Francois Mynhardt Civil - prclect management 082 551 1 51 0, 0t 2 809 0304 Home Fires - " ep a. e. a-d o';a 412 663 391 1,012 998 3146 s i: 1.:r lnvest in Furn - furniture suppilers 01 2 654 3633 Linda Lee Architectural Design architecture 012 361 3581 Maxco Truss Systems - roof ng speclai sts 011 3163660 Ravafs Persian Carpet Callery - Pers an carpets 0 I 2 666 8998, eravat@ africa com pav Stone Age Franchise Holdings ng products spec ai sts A12 8A2 1 496/7 /8, a1 1 704 4231 , A21 9A5 2449 Streamlight- iqhtinc design All 44A 4142 Summer Place Spas and Baths - bath lnstal ation 0i1 463 1115,021 51 0 0565, A31 701 2288 :...: ,ll i' SA www sa homeown er.co.za lloufr 0\\NF]R lanlfeb 20C3 17