Haven on the Hill Haven on the Hill - SA Home Owner - Jan/Feb 2003 - Page 3

STREAMLICHT O1 FRANCO S N/]YNHARDT CIVIT 1 440 4142 STONE ACE FRANCI ]]5E HOLD 082 55T 1510 NC5 012 802 1 496/7 /8 of a designer suite, enhanced with all the comforts of home Family photos and children's toys break the clean lines of classic class furnishings and a( adding a familiar and friendly touch. The home owners had various requests that have been worked into the ultimate design of what is a truly classic home. Living areas are open and airy and run into the outdoor patio area and are ideal for enterlaining, The kitchen almost evokes a feeling of cooking outdoors with its constant interaction with the view via windows, doors and careful manipulation of space. Another request from the owner to Linda was that there be a guest wing wlth relative privary from the rest of the house. To this end, a separate passageway runs off the back of the downstairs living area with spare bedrooms, cupboards and bathroom. This wing has its own entrance to the side of the house, allowing house guests freedom to come and go without disturbing their hosts, :-:i:r-::: :-i::r-:: Even the best architectural designs can always be better enhanced by the creative and contemporary use of lighting. Streamlight work together with home owners to create the atmosphere that they want for their homes. Here, vast spaces created by the double volume design are filled and enhanced by the company's expert lighting. ::1.,.:tt:.-::- 'ati:.i.'j.: The exquisite slate swimming pool with a water feature falling away to the lower extremes of the property comes part and parcel with the professional and comprehensive project management service provided by Francois Mynhardt Civil. The entire home has been constructed by the expeft work of the engineering firm. ::.:,:-]:=:r These elegant and natural, sandstone-coloured Paternoster Pavers as well as retaining blocks for the house's terraces were supplied by Stone Age. This particular drive was paved using anchor blocks to counter the steep gradient as well to provide optimum traction for vehicles. Stone Age products are designed to enhance every home with stunning simulated stone finishes. wwwsa homeowner.co.za S,\ llouE 0\\'\DR janlfeb 2003 55