Haven on the Hill Haven on the Hill - SA Home Owner - Jan/Feb 2003 - Page 2

FRANCOIS PROUD AND ECSTATIC couple await us at the entrance to this new Pretoria home, perched high on a hill overlooking a broad stretch of suburbs. The site was what initially captured the hearts and imaginations of lhese home owners and they knew from the start what they were looking for, With the creative input of Linda Lee Architects and the construction expeftise of Francois Mynhardt Civil, their home was born. Architect, Linda Lee, worked closely with the home owners in creating a house that is clearly a source of much pride and joy to the young family. The home stretches downward offering the very first point of entry, a magnificent view of Pretoria. As you enter visitors, from the front door, you are faced immediately with a large window, a balcony stretching out behind i[ Access to the living areas is via either of two staircases leading down from each side of the entrance hall. Private areas on the upper level to one side, also incorporating large windows that draw the scenic outdoor panorama into the home. The upstairs balcony that one sees from the entrance is accessed via the main NTAXCO TRUSS SYSTENIS 01 1 316 3660 bedroom, Simply and sglishly furnished, the sleeping quafters of this house have all the j+==:: A picture of class and serenity high on a Pretoria hill side, this house was constructed by the expert hand of Francois Mynhardt Civil. The company specialises in project management and carries each project through from initial liaison with the home owner and architect to completion of the house. Francois Mynhardt uses only materials of the highest standard, applied with the company's renowned expertise to ensure a superior finish on every building. ileT:The roof of this luxurious Pretoria house was done by Maxco Truss Systems. The company operates primarily in Cauteng and specialises in prefabricated timber roof truss design and manufacturing as well as the supply of related roofing products and services. Maxco Truss System offers home owners superior customer service, state-of-the-art production techniques and a strong management team. \ IIo\lFr Ol\\l,tR :'. rec 2003 > :+ www sahomeowneT.co.za