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Installation of Your Wood Door
Installation Guidelines & Roof Overhang
1 . Use a minimum of one hinge for each 30 inches of door height on all exterior doors . When using three or more hinges , they are to be equally spaced . Standard height ( 6 ’ 8 ”) doors require three ( 3 ) hinges . Extra height ( 8 ’ 0 ”) doors require four ( 4 ) hinges . Quality ball-bearing hinges are recommended for superior service in these hardwood door applications . Hinges must be set in a straight line to prevent distortion .
2 . Immediately after cutting and fitting ( before hanging ), seal all cut surfaces and ends of door with an effective quality sealer . See finishing recommendation for finishing guidelines . Apply the sealer , primer , or first coats of the required finish immediately after fitting , cutting for hardware , weatherstripping , etc . Be sure to finish all surfaces of the door , including those surfaces milled for the hardware prior to installation of the hardware .
3 . The door or entryway system must be installed in a protected opening with adequate roof overhang to protect the door and / or entryway . Damage may result from exposure due to installation in an unprotected opening , such as an installation without sufficient roof overhang protection .
4 . Damage caused by failure to comply with appropriate and correct door finishing guidelines , failure to perform normal homeowner maintenance , or by attempts other than by GlassCraft to repair the door will void the GlassCraft warranty .
Roof Overhang
Adequate roof overhang depends upon the directional exposure ( north , south , east or west ) of the entryway , and upon the geographic region of the installation . Minimum roof overhang ( see drawing at right ) is one in which the roof overhang projects out a distance from the structure no less than one-half of the elevation difference between the bottom edge of the door and the base of the overhang ’ s highest point above the entryway . This calculation is shown below .
Distance in inches divided by elevation in inches must equal at least 0.5 ” or greater .
Overhang ’ s Highest Point
Lowest Edge of Door
Roof Overhang Distance in Inches
Roof Overhang
Elevation in Inches
The width of the overhang and / or placement and size of entryway side walls are also very important to adequately protect the entryway . Depending upon the installation application , this overhang may need to be greater than this minimum overhang .
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