HardwoodCareGuide_01-2013 - Page 3

9 . Properly finish the entire door . Coat all 6 edges ( including top , bottom , sides , and face surfaces ) with each application . Adequate drying time between coats must be allowed , as the door must be dry before the next finishing step .
Exterior Finishing
CAUTION : GlassCraft Door Company does not evaluate all of the available paints , stains or application requirements . Contact your paint dealer for systems best suited for your geographic region . Select only top quality finishes , and follow all of the finish manufacturer ’ s instructions completely .
Stain-and-Clear Finish
1 . To color stain and seal , make first coat a stain or stain-and-sealer coat . All stain and clear finishes will perform better if protected from the direct effects of sunlight and moisture weathering , thereby requiring refinishing less frequently .
2 . Make second coat a top quality sanding sealer or top coat material . A urethane-based finish system with UV inhibitors is an excellent choice for a door finish . Be sure the door surface to be finished is satisfactory in both smoothness and color after each coat before applying the next coat .
3 . Lightly sand with 180 to 220 grit sandpaper or # 0000 steel wool between each top coat . Remove dust before re-coating .
4 . Minimum of 3 top coats ( in addition to the base stain coat ) on all 6 edges is required for proper protection .
Recommended staining and finishing steps :
• Remove handling marks and sand with the grain direction
• Treat raw wood with a penetrating stain
• Repeat penetrating stain as required for desired color
• First coat of sanding sealer or top coat
• Fine sand by hand
• Second coat of top coat
• Fine sand by hand
• Third coat of top coat
Paint Finish
1 . To paint finish your door , use a solvent based primer coat and a compatible solvent based finish coat .
2 . Sand all surfaces between all coats of primer and finish .
3 . A minimum of three top coats on all 6 edges is recommended for proper protection .
Jamb and Threshold Guidelines
1 . Caulk at sill-to-jamb leg connection . 2 . Use corner pads where sill meets jamb .
3 . Install door sweep on door .
4 . Completely seal bottom edge of door prior to installation of door sweep . We recommend a latex caulk coating on bottom edge of door prior to door sweep attachment .
5 . Seal the bottom of the jamb legs with a caulk coating .