HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 7

HEALTH and a council of spirits, family of singing bowls, bells, rattles, drums, all eager to be of service to you, buoyed by the six sacred hallmarks of healing with sound. I ntention: We visualize that which you most would like to manifest. What would it feel like? Sound like? Look like? How do we profess this in positive terms—what you most desire to present in your life, your enhanced state of health, well-being, mindset. Then we ponder--what is most in the way of that which you truly desire? Where are you stuck, un- resolved, at a plateau? What thoughts, feelings, beliefs, obstacles, obscurations, impediments need to be addressed and shifted or eliminated so that power and wisdom can flow in and create your desired state? We form intentions—laying a mental-emotional framework for what the desired state will be like. Believing in the universe as benevolent is crucial, 7 | HAPI Guide as is the assessment of our belief structure, for all must be aligned with bringing about our intended desired state. The spirits and your stories highlight your heal- ing intentions as a transformation of your current state—shown as a set of energy and matter con- figurations—to your desired states’ configurations of energy and matter. My spirits’ job is to find where the configurations can most effectively and efficiently dissolve and reconfigure so that the energy medicine of sound can get into the system and create the maximum sustainable expansion. S pirits We call in assistance from the divine, benevo- lent spiritual help—seen or unseen, known or unknown. We are born with power animals and guiding ones. It may take us a lifetime to realize just how powerful they really are. This spiritu- al wisdom and power unfathomably guides the sound, is the sound that flows through me, us. The compassionate benevolent spirits show us