HAPI Guide Summer 2017 | Page 63

Health Rose Wood Certified in Holographic Healing, Reiki, Ho’o Pono Pono, and EFT, I connect with source, higher con- sciousness, divine love, to access energies to assist you with your life issues. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/portland/members/rosewood-blessings Health Chris Stopa Chris is an energy healer, Reiki master and Advanced Practitioner of Jorei and Pranic healing. His specialties include relationship issues, emotional stress release and physical issues. Chris also does space clearing either in person or from a distance. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/west-linn/members/chris-stopa Health Keith Post, ND, LMT Keith offers a broad range of holistic family healthcare, specializing in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, as well as the rehabilitation of injuries. He also uses a kinesiology approach called Nu- trition Response Testing. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/beaverton/members/keith-post-nd-lmt Purpose Ingrid Kincaid I am an Elder and Wisdom Keeper, a teacher, author and spiritual guide. I’m dedicated to helping people with European ancestry to reclaim their indigenous heritage, reconnect with their own spiri- tual roots and heal their ancestral grief. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/portland/ingrid-kincaid Inspiration, Resources Kara Johnstad Kara Johnstad is a singer-songwriter, author, voice specialist and owner of the successful company “VOICE YOUR ESSENCE™” Kara empowers audiences around the world via concerts, lectures and 1-on-1 coaching, in studio or via Skype. https://www.hapiguide.com/kara-johnstad 63 | HAPI Guide