HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 62

Health Erica Johansen Swedish Massage, Accident/Trauma Massage, Reiki, Etheric/Chakra Balancing, Canna-Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Palliative Care Massage, East/West Blend Massage. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/vernonia/members/erica-johansen Inspiration Vickie Pruitt Open up to new ways of experiencing life and raise your consciousness at the 6th annual premiere RaSani Body Mind Spirit Fair on October 7 & 8, 2017. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/albany/members/vickie-pruitt Purpose Angie Sherman - L.O.V.E. them Oils, LLC I conduct FREE wellness consults and education centered around incorporating pure essential oils into your life-style. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/stayton/members/love-them-oils-llc Resources Gaia’s Workshop Drums Master custom drum maker for ritual, ceremony, communication, connection, and even entertain- ment - done with art from our hearts. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/portland/gaias-workshop-drums Inspiration Mark L Collins Author of The Heartspace Portal, a book shares deep insights and truths about the true nature of reality, our consciousness, and being from a spiritual perspective.  https://www.hapiguide.com/massachusetts/westport-point/members/mark-l-collins 62 | HAPI Guide