HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 58

Health, Resources Julia Schopick Julia is a health researcher and writer, and the author of the bestselling book, HON- EST MEDICINE: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases. Her goal is to empower patients to make the best health choices for themselves and their loved ones by teaching them about little-known but prom- ising treatments their doctors may not know about. My writings on health and medical topics have been featured in American Medical News (AMA), Alternative & Complementary Therapies, the British Medical Journal, New Consciousness Re- view and the Chicago Sun-Times. Julia offers a coaching service through which she helps patients to get the best care from their doctors--or to find a doctor who will give them better care. She now coach authors of books with life-changing missions to become better radio interviewees, as well as better users of Facebook. These are the two promotional meth- ods that have kept her book, HONEST MEDICINE, an Amazon bestseller for over five years. You may reach her via email at [email protected] Health, Purpose, Inspiration Tracie Mahan Tracie is a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, QHHT Practitioner, Family Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master.  Coming from a highly sensitive and intuitive family, Tracie has expanded her natural gifts with training and prac- tice, enabling her to connect with guides, angels, Ascended Masters and spiritual council. In addition to being a clear channel of messages from these realms, her expertise also includes offering clients healing and energetic clearing, and per- spective through looking at past lives to identify important connections with the present incarnation. She also uses Hypnotherapy as a tool to release old patterns from your life and clear out anxiety, depression and much more.   Tracie enjoys bringing all of her modalities together to create a unique and healing experience for her clients.  Visit http://www.traciemahan.com or call 503-680-2407. Inspiration, Resources Clearmind International John Ceniseros found his way to Clearmind in 2011. The work of Clearmind, at its core, is about forgiveness of oneself, and being gentle and accepting. John feels blessed to help bring the work of Clearmind to Portland. It’s a gift he offers with a healthy dose of humor, fun, and (when necessary) silliness. Contact John at [email protected] or (503) 799-6834 58 | HAPI Guide