HAPI Guide Summer 2017 | Page 57

Health, Purpose, Inspiration Cynthia Slon Intuitive since the age of five, I have been honored to offer humanity informa- tion, healing and renewal through readings, channelings, universal dialogue, sound toning, frequency alignment and cell restoration, as well as connection to loved ones on the other side. My book, Point of Light, Communicate with your DNA, Change your life, Change the World! provides detailed information in how to access your own voice within the cellular pathway that is waiting for you to rejoin the conversation. http://www.cynthiaslon9.com Health, Purpose, Inspiration Karen Hefner, MA, MS, ShD Deeply invested in the areas of healing and personal growth, Karen gently guides people toward their own innate health and happiness through education, cere- mony, soul retrieval, extraction work, and Reiki. Karen’s intention is to assist cli- ents and students in finding their soul’s path, their true self, their source of power and freedom. She offers this with deep gratitude to her teachers, spirit guides, and the native healers and communities who have been so generous with their teaching, healing, and ceremonies. Igniting Spirit offers healing and support to all who seek restoration, information, and community. The offerings are diverse, unique, and personal. Karen Hefner is part of a community of Reiki Masters, Shamanic Practitioners, Teachers, and Healers who strive to provide loving healing and support to all who seek restoration, information, and com- munity. The offerings are diverse, they are unique, personal, and the intentions behind each one are sincere. https://www.hapiguide.com/oregon/portland/members/karen-hefner-ma-ms-shd Health Francesca Fleming Francesca is a well-known medical medium/intuitive, who feels the energies, the aura and chakras and cords around a body, and receives information through channeling for healing and balancing issues like: fatigue, sleep issues, peri-meno- pause and menopause, allergies, testing sensitivities, kinesiology testing, envi- ronmental sensitivities, blood pressure, specific guidance to nutrients and sup- plements, endocrine imbalances; fibromyalgia; genetics stopping absorptions; Candida; recovery from cancer treatments; infertility guidance; joint pains, and many, many others. Francesca does not claim to be a substitute for a doctor. All service is considered an adjunct to your healing protocols. To contact Francesca, call 503-805-7403 or visit her website, http://www.Be-Joy.com 57 | HAPI Guide