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Abundance, Purpose, Inspiration, Resources Brent Marchant A lifelong movie fan and longtime student of metaphysics, Brent Marchant is the award-winning author of Get the Picture?!: Conscious Creation Goes to the Mov- ies, Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction and the upcoming Third Real: Conscious Creation Goes Back to the Movies (scheduled for release in 2017), all of which provide reader-friendly looks at how the practice of conscious creation (also known as the law of at- traction) is illustrated through film. He also blogs about current film releases from this standpoint on his web site’s blog page and through contributions to New Con- sciousness Review, The Good Radio Network and Smart Women’s Empowerment. He also contributes to Frankiesense & More and New Consciousness Review radio and magazine. (http://brentmarchantsblog.blogspot.com/) Inspiration, Resources Empowered Whole Being Press Empowered Whole Being Press is a boutique publisher specializing in supporting au- thor’s self-publishing of quality written works that Inspire, Enlighten, and Transform its readers. We are excited to be involved in the transformation community, and are dedicat- ed to supporting new authors who have an enlightening, compelling, inspiring message to share; be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, YA, or books for our children. Established to fill a publishing house need for spiritually transforming books that offers more than the standard self-publishing services, we also provide marketing support and guidance packages to insure our author’s success.  Our Intention: We are dedicated to encouraging creativity, inner exploration, and the expansion of spiritual evolution through written works by providing support, guidance, publishing, and marketing services to spir- itually-focused consciousness expanding authors.  We are here to serve you! Together WE create the Shift! http://www.EmpoweredWholeBeingPress.com Health, Resources Geoffrey Knight Geoffrey has over twenty years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and train- er. He is a Certified Instructor of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the most presti- gious body of hypnotists here in the US and abroad. A general practitioner, Geof- frey’s practice covers all areas where hypnotherapy is effective, such as: Anxiety, in all its forms; Phobias; Pain; Emotional Problems; Children: This is a particular spe- cialty, and his expertise covers anything from bed wetting to childhood and teen- age problems; Addictions, from food to alcohol, recreational drugs, and nicotine smoking; Sexual dysfunctions; Weight Loss; Motivation; and Memory loss and enhancement. Geoffrey offers a free consultation for up to 45 minutes, where he will be happy to address your questions and concerns. Appointments can be made Mondays through Fridays, and some Saturdays upon request. More information at http://geoffrey-knight.com/ or call 503-246-7300. 55 | HAPI Guide