HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 33

INSPIRATION HEALTH ARTICLE Identifying BLOCKS to Self Actualization By Jan Engels-Smith O Our perfect selves exist within us and our quest is to recognize, affirm, and bring it to full realization. We desire to find fulfillment in a unity with the wholeness of the universe and to achieve the completion of our destiny. W e strive for the align- ment that will empow- er us to be that which we were meant to be.  However, in even our most committed states and with our en- ergies focused and our minds set, we may fall short of the fulfillment of our spiritual completeness and struggle to continue the effort of personal enlight- enment. The universe is a place of opportunity and wonder; it does not create barriers to self-actual- ization but is a place where the prospects of spiri- 33 | HAPI Guide