HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 30

PURPOSE this report: a rare total solar eclipse passes across the USA on August 21st in heart opening Leo. There is an emphasis of fire element signs then, and that can translate into an extra hot August and forest fires. The solar eclipse is at the end of the sign Leo, landing on the charts of Donald Trump, North Ko- rea, India, Pakistan, Israel and Palestine. Let’s hold the good thought that the positive side of Leo will express itself through opening hearts and develop- ing creative solutions to difficult problems. Be certain that your ambitions and emotions are working together now, because assertive Mars is in feeling-oriented Cancer June 4-July 20. When your emotions are in alignment with your actions, you can move mountains. This nurturing combination also supports home repair and family interaction. Summer Solstice comes on June 20 (9:24 PM PDT). A chart cast for the next three months indicates a slightly complicated set of energies for summer. The moon and Venus are aligned in Taurus. They like their chocolate!  Gift yourself with an appropriate amount of sensual pleasures, be it sweets, massag- es or a flower budget. At the same time, there is a challenge between Mars in “I want to stay close to home” Cancer and Jupiter that wants to go off on an adventure. For many, this will be the summer of va- cations that are not all that far from home, or travel for family and relatives at a distance. JUNE: Think back to early February when enthusiastic Jupiter turned retrograde. Did projects get put on hold or fall to the back burner of your life? Or it may be that you knew that relationships (or lack thereof) need to change? As the god of abun- dance, Jupiter ends his backwards reviewing cycle on June 9 and is ready to charge forward towards new opportunities. Because the god of expansion is associated with your belief system, it is critical that you open your mind to allow new possibili- ties to enter. Tell your analytical mind to be quiet and not prejudge big ideas. Take a risk on yourself so large dreams can manifest in your life. Release that which has been holding you back, be it peo- ple or your own preconceived notions. June helps you move forward, but it is important to note that the improvements you seek will not get up to full speed until after September 5th. 30 | HAPI Guide JULY: Except for some short-term rude energies on the 2nd, 8th and 17th, July is a quick and fun month. Ve- nus loves beautiful places and harmonious relation- ships, and she is in talkative Gemini July 4th through the 31st. Meet new people, take short trips or quick classes this month. If you participate in the USA July 4th holiday, there are minor mental or transporta- tion hassles. Allow extra time in traffic or arrive at crowded events early on the 4th. The full moon on the 8th, and actually the entire week that includes July 4th, holds difficult challenges. Transforming