HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 20

ABUNDANCE HEALTH After all, we are ALL ONE and what we do to others, we do to ourselves. Whether it’s a close/ intimate relationship, a total stranger on the street, a business situation or another human living clear across the planet in some totally different culture – what makes you think their needs, desires and rights are any less important than your own? Even how we are ABOUT MONEY (gold) - how we value, judge and operate around the whole issue of material possessions, our own sense of physi- cal security, in relationship to others - affects our own results and comes back to us in kind. Whatev- er we don’t understand, won’t tolerate and sepa- rate from others about – is perhaps the next lesson we’re given. I believe this is the case with a woman who stopped speaking to a relative who had not been able to pay back a personal debt, due to loss of employment and many emergency expenses. The intolerant one has been struggling with unem- ployment and has had to do a lot of financial jug- gling - sometimes on a day-to-day survival basis, with late payments on her own obligations - for the last two years. She has become much more com- passionate about that issue and has resumed the relationship with a new view. Recently, I was contacted by a woman who has se- vere scars from an accident. She’s tried everything to get them healed and wondered if the intradi- mensional healing work I do might be effective. I very much wanted to help if I could and wasn’t sure exactly in what manner. I contacted my guides and was told that yes, the healing techniques would work; however this woman had drawn this to herself over a lifetime of judging and demean- ing others with deformities, anyone not perfect in her opinion. In this particular case, the healing will come when she heals that “intolerant, unaccept- ing” part of herself that has separated her from the true beauty and perfection in others. In another case, a man who had been very harshly judgmental of any handicapped or disabled per- sons (including one of his stepdaughters) AND very domineering, impatient and violent with his family – was in a serious accident. NOW, he relies on his caretakers for every bite of food, all daily essentials and even needs their help to use the bathroom. 20 | HAPI Guide Joy Rae Freeman is a master healer, soul coach, workshop/retreat producer, writer, speaker. “mothership” website www.joy2u.org (with links to satellite sites)