HAPI Guide Summer 2017 | Page 44

HEALTH We all accept that we are harming this planet to our own detriment and we must stop our wasteful and polluting ways. Whether you are an adversary or proponent of the highly politicized phrase “cli- mate change,” the solutions we need to implement for our long term viability are obvious, necessary and beneficial for everyone that desires a regener- ative world. There are four primary components that can unite everyone and bypass further arguments. Protect- ing and improving our air, water and soil is simply essential — not doing so is suicide. I recommend you think about four indisputable actions that can help avoid arguments and preserve regenerative systems. These practices are essential and univer- sally agreeable; getting caught up in any debate is unnecessary. 1. Support Regenerative Agriculture 2.Protect our lakes, rivers, oceans and aquifers 3.Reduce Waste for an hour-and-a-half and watch this film. A fact that cannot be denied is that our world has be- come increasingly and devastatingly toxic, and these toxins are damaging our ecosystem, thereby placing the survival of mankind at risk. We are eroding soils, polluting water, draining aqui- fers and contaminating our air. Any one of these issues progressing will have devastating conse- quences, and at our current pace we have roughly 50 years before time will run out. Some instances of pollution, such as the plastic now choking our oceans, or agricultural runoff contaminating our fresh water supplies, highlight serious damage that we can and must stop. The decimation of forests, be it for the purpose of tar sands operations or paper milling or building cities and suburbs, also has an impact on the Earth. Whether man-made CO2 is instrumental in climate change or not, what’s clear is that our Earth is in peril, and it’s up to all of us, corporations included, to reassess our impact on the world at large. 4.Improve Energy Use and Sourcing 1. Before the Flood 2. We Must Reassess Our Dependence on a  Fossil Fuel Economy Whether you believe man-made climate change is real or not, I urge you to lay your judgments aside To sustain our dependence on fossil fuels, we’ve had to implement increasingly risky and environ- 44 | HAPI Guide