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HEALTH want them to. Write in stream of consciousness or direct writing and don’t worry about spelling or punctuation. Write this way for as long as you can each day for four days. Don’t read back over the writing; just write. At the end of the four days, go back over what you’ve written and look for repeating patterns of thought or choices. Then rewrite each of the sto- ries that reflect that pattern. Do this frequently and you will soon find the meaning in your story, and the means to change it if necessary. As I finish the last few chapters of my book, I look back at my writing journey and marvel at how it has changed who I am. Writing – and rewriting – my story has been a gift that keeps on giving. If you are you ready to take an inner adventure, a step-by-step journey that will heal and trans- form your trauma, illness, or loss, join me for my new course, Writing to Heal and Transform: Find- ing Meaning Through Story. Visit www.Platform- Crafters.com/writingtotransform for more infor- mation. Writing heals and transforms. From cancer to sexual orientation, my clients have shifted their perspectives, found the gift in their struggles, and transformed their lives by writing their story. If you would like to find meaning in your stories, to change your perspective and heal, I invite you to write. Start with journal writing and start with no limits. No one will see your writing unless you want them to. About MJ Schwader Using humor, a strong intuition, and a lifetime of experience, published author and writing coach MJ Schwader guides coaches, speakers, heal- ers, and conscious entrepreneurs to craft and promote their products, services, and businesses using the power of writing – from concept to the marketplace. Weaving more than 19 years of experience as a writing coach and inter- net marketer with 16 years of shamanic training in ancient principles of energy consciousness, MJ helps clients shift their awareness, ignite their inspiration, and clear beliefs that are holding them back from achieving success. Having worked with over 250 published authors, MJ has devel- oped a profound and successful process for breaking through limited thinking and fears to help clients remove blocks, find healing, and create transformational writing from their stories. To read more about MJ and how writing can help you transform your life and business, visit www. PlatformCrafters.com. To register for MJ’s 8-week Writing to Heal and Transform: Finding Meaning Through Story course, visit www.PlatformCrafters.com/writingtotransform 14 | HAPI Guide