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02 @Halal | september-october. 2019 04-05 Halvec to train Korean halal test lab The Korean Food Research Institute is starting their own halal test lab, and they look towards a local halal test lab for guidance • Bumiputera products not automatically halal | editor’s note | We actually love all- things halal 06 08-09 Halal cosmetics: A blooming industry How the world is riding on a gigantic wave of Islam-approved beauty care 10-11 Halal meds for the masses One pharmaceutical company took the risk and push forward in getting their products certified halal • Aspirations in halal pharmaceuticals 12-13 Commercially controversial: Gelatin Is there such a thing as halal gelatin? A deeper look at one of the most infamous food ingredient • The gelling issue of gelatin • Gelatin as a processing aid 14 More companies to tap into halal market The nationwide halal-centric outreach program aims to benefit local entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in halal industry • Finding great demand in India Contamination Scenario Investigation When porcine DNA is found in a product previously thought to be halal , we would be in dire need of a CSI team 18 A growing trend Islamic Wealth Management is on the rise Philippine food giant eyes exports to Gulf Arab states Philippines’ The PureFoods Hormel Company is eyeing exports to the Gulf Arab states after two of its facilities received halal certification 16-17 19 Standard equals halal and quality How manufacturing of halal products can be assured through GMP and standards T his issue of @Halal has a surprisingly amount of exhibition coverage, seeing as the time for food and halal exhibi- tions usually occur around this time of the year. Yours truly had the chance to traverse into some of the exhibitions, and boy do I feel amazingly overwhelmed. It was highly interesting to see that many of the Malaysians and international visitors attending these halal festivals are not Mus- lims. The grand scale of the halal industry can really be seen through the interest and awareness non-Muslims are showing for halal products. However, amidst the growing demand for halal products globally, there is still an ever-present debate and doubt on the halal-ness for some of the ingredients used in some products. This issue touches the issue of gelatin, as it has been one of the most controversial ingredient used in food, pharmaceuticals, and beauty products. Gelatin is sourced from mammals, commonly pigs and cows. Setting aside the obvious factor, the gelatin made from cow hides are also a source of doubt by many Muslim consumers around the world, as it needs to be from a cow that has been slaughtered the Islamic way for it to be certified-halal. Moreover, there is also an issue raised by manufacturers who would use gelatin as a ‘processing aid’, which means gelatin is added to the product during processing but are then taken out, resulting in a (relatively) gelatin-free end product. I have found out later that the products that uses non-halal gelatin as a processing aid are deemed non-halal, even if no traces of the gelatin can be found in the end product. My advise? Stick to products with JAKIM halal certification, or from international halal bodies recognised by JAKIM (go to JAKIM’s websit to know them). Assalamualaikum. Editor Norman Hussaini 20-21 Elevating senses and the food business The Food & Hotel Malaysia expo 2019 breaks its own records through splendid showcase of food a nd food production materials 22 Terrifically Taiwan Taiwan strives to win the biggest slice of the Muslim travel pie with excellent food and facilities 23 Strengthening the halal supply chain MITRANS strives to train and help in building a better, more established halal supply chain for global logistics 24 Toronto halal food fest attracts large crowds The Greater Toronto Area is home to the largest population of Muslims in Canada, making it the perfect destination 26 The first AHM finds success Absolutely Halal Malaysia has secured a place among Malaysians looking for halal food and beverage expo 27 Festival for halal reaches new grounds The biggest halal business gathering in Malaysia reaches international participations