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02 @Halal | november-december. 2019 04-05 On the road to halal leadership IHAB strengthens Malaysia’s position as halal leader • HDC to create bigger halal market space in Japan • Trained for the halal industry • World’s first halal pharmacopoeia in 2020 06 New halal law in place for Indonesia Indonesia’s halal law takes effect, impacting products and services • Halal rising in Canada 08-09 How halal tourism molds the global tourism industry Muslim-friendly platforms are blooming with Muslim tourists expected to spend about USD230 billion by year 2025 10-11 Malaysia, the champion of world’s halal growth The Halal industry is a thriving, fast- growing global phenomenon that’s taking countries by storm • The showcase for all things halal 12-13 Muslims’ forbidden candy Many Malaysians were shocked to learn the news of how the white rabbit candy was never halal, as it was found to contain pork-based ingredient • Striving for improvement | editor’s note | Spread the joy and happiness 15 Revolutionary financing The alignment of Shariah and sustainable investing 16 Creating experts in halal logistics MITRANS strives to strengthen the global halal supply chain, and they are training halal supply chain experts to do so U s humans are very attached to things. We value inanimate objects as if they are alive, we keep certain things just because it has sentimental values, and we defend the things that bring us joy and nostalgia. These attachments are almost always harmless. But sometimes, it may prove to be detrimental. I am speaking particularly about the previous debacle experienced by Muslims in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singa- pore about the (in)famous White Rabbit Candy. You see, as a person who grew up in the better part of the 90’s and towards the 2000’s, I had run-ins with the candy myself. And it would be a lie for me to say that I never tasted one at least once before. I never was a fan of the candy, but I am familiar with it growing up. However, it resonated deeper for many of my Muslim brothers and sisters. Therefore, it became a huge shock to many when the candy was found to have porcine-based ingredient – specifically, pig gelatin. And it is no one’s fault but ours, as the manufacturer of the candy has never claimed it to be halal, and have never made any effort to make it so. This goes to show that if consuming halal food and other things is an important factor in our life (as Muslims, it should be), then we should be more cautious in our selection of food. Not just for us, but to our partners and children as well. Let’s perhaps aim for improvements in our lives moving forward. Make it our new year resolution even. As I type my final words for this publica- tion, let me grab this opportunity to wish our readers a very merry Christmas, happy new year, and a happy life. InsyaAllah. Assalamualaikum. Editor, for the last time, Norman Hussaini 18-19 Alcohol is not haram We should change the way we think of alcohol in products 20 Integrity in halal manufacturing Halal practices integrity (HPI) to sustain halal compliance in Malaysian industry 21 The state of halal pharma in Malaysia Dr Zhari Ismail, authority on halal pharmaceuticals tells the strength of establishing halal standard and guideline for our medication 22 Another leap for the global halal market Inaugural Selangor International Halal Conference acknowledges the global halal potential • Solution to assessing global halal standard