@Halal May/Jun 2020 - Page 9

may-june. 2020 | @Halal Innovation 09 BY Camilia rezali IT has been more than three months since the movement Control Order (mCO) was imposed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in businesses being severely affected. The future of many companies remains uncertain as changes in consumer behaviour and routes to potential markets knocked them off balance. many people have also lost their jobs and sources of income. While some companies decided to close shop, others saw the opportunity to move into different business lines which are flourishing as a result of the pandemic. The food delivery business is one that has seen increased demand. For listed Serba dinamik holdings Berhad, the timing was apt as its IT staff was already working on a halal food delivery application. The result was the introduction of halal2Go through its wholly-owned subsidiary Serba dinamik IT Solution Sdn Bhd (SdIT). The application was launched on may 19, 2020. The response had been excellent, and the company was targeting to secure 100 local restaurants or online food businesses by the end of 2020 and hoped to add another 150 restaurants or online food businesses next year. Serba dinamik Group managing director and CEO Dato’ Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah said halal2Go was also tapping into the 7.7 billion global market population. “There are seven countries which are looking forward to it at this moment.” They are australia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, India, the UAE and the United Kingdom (London). as Serba dinamik was a newcomer to the Halal2Go’s global ambition The unique food delivery application by Serba Dinamik aims to fulfil local and international demand in the halal food delivery industry food delivery industry, it could adhere to what the pioneers such as Grab Food, Food Panda and Uber Eats have pathed for food delivery business applications. But what is the distinction between halal2Go and the other food delivery applications? “For one, halal2Go adopts the fundamental concept of halalan toyyiban. We may already understand the meaning of ‘halal’, but with toyyiban, the language definition is traditionally translated as pure, good and wholesome.” tHe cleanliness oF tHe Food The concept is to assure customers about the cleanliness of the food as per the standard practices in Islam. It is also to ensure that the food is prepared under the best health advice rolled out based on scientific research. Mohd Karim said: “We are not saying the rest of the food delivery companies are not complying. What we are saying is that we have a more stringent process to ensure this is monitored and supervised, so it complies with the halal requirements.” The development of halal2Go was one of the company’s initiatives to embrace the Industrial Revolution 4.0 through the digitalisation of the halal industry. But more importantly, halal2Go aimed at supporting micro-SMEs and provide individuals with the opportunity to earn extra income. “halal2Go is playing a role to help encourage the gig economy. If a person is looking for additional income, he or she can register and do deliveries for halal2Go. “We want to help the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. The micro SMEs are those the Prime minister refers to such as Makcik Kiah. This community needs to make a living. Because of Covid-19, they have lost a lot of income,” said Mohd Karim. To further strengthen the opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially people like Makcik Kiah in promoting their business, SdIT teamed up with non-governmental organisations, including the malaysian Bumiputera Women Entrepreneurs’ Association (Usahanita) and majlis Perundingan melayu (mPm). halal2Go will thus reach out to the smaller entrepreneurs who are usually ignored by the more prominent food delivery players. eXpansion abroad Elaborating on Halal2Go’s expansion abroad, Mohd Karim said Australia and Japan were actively requesting for halal food delivery service providers. Japan especially is a highly developed country, and it has a significant need to address the issue of the availability of halal food. Serba dinamik is an international energy services group which provides integrated engineering solutions to the oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, water & wastewater and utility industries. Its main business is in operations and maintenance (O&m), engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC), IT solutions and education & training. The company is already in 24 countries. Looking at how swiftly it operates and combined with its global ambitions, tapping into the 7.7 billion global market population is not an impossible task for halal2Go. he said: “Japan meets the halalan toyyiban element of it but not the ‘halal’ component of it. They were pushing very hard for a halal-provider to come into Japan and start the activities before the Tokyo Olympics 2020 which has since been postponed.” as for Qatar in which Serba dinamik is in, he said it would not be a priority to offer halal2Go as there was no strong demand as most of the food there was already halal. as for the expansion of halal2Go in malaysia, Serba dinamik has collaborated with the malaysian Technology development Corporation (mTdC) where an Rm6 million joint fund was created to help start-up entities move to the next level. Besides offering food delivery services, Mohd Karim sees the potential of the halal2Go application expanding into healthcare and dispatch services in the future. he also said the awareness of the halal concept within Peninsular malaysia was solid. “Thus, the potential is big. The market in Sabah and Sarawak is also coming up quite nicely, especially Sarawak.” The Group md praised Sarawak for identifying Tanjung manis to locate a halal food centre. Tanjung manis has been operating for almost 15 years to tap the growing halal food industry. however, more needed to be done to promote it. ”Efforts are on-going to rejuvenate it and put in the necessary investment because some of the facilities need to be upgraded to meet the expectations of investors,” he said.