@Halal May/Jun 2020 - Page 23

MAY-JUNE. 2020 | Glam Halal Personality 23 when my parents were watching Akademi Fantasia, they suggested I go for an audition, and without expecting it, I got through the test. Till today, I am still singing with my sister Hazwani Helmi as The Helmis Warrior. The Helmis produce songs with an Islamic message. Our latest song was released last year titled Ayat Cinta Dari Tuhan. We plan to release a new song soon. Besides singing, you are also spotted at events and TV shows giving motivational talks. How did you start your career in this field? The truth is, I’ve adored Dato’ Dr Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah since I was about five. I aspired to become like him, looking at the way he motivates people. I was so eager to become a motivator. I started purchasing CDs on motivators such as HM Tuah, Dr Tengku Asmadi, Dato’ Dr Fadzilah Kamsah and even Prof Izzi Ali. I replayed the CDs every now and then to learn how these motivators spoke. I also took notes when I went to see motivators during their events. I did not know where to start as a motivator, but this is what I can do now. One day, I tried approaching several motivators. One of them was Amin Idris. He advised me to go for motivational training. I don’t think I could have done it without him. He has helped me so much, till today. Being a motivator has been a dream come true for you. Would you consider sharing your challenges en route to becoming a motivator? The struggle was real for me. There were moments when it took 3-4 days to prepare for a talk for a few minutes. I memorised word by word, did research and even asked for advice. It took me years to learn the art of speaking spontaneously. But I still have more things to learn as I am yet to master answering questions automatically. As a motivator, I need to take care of people’s hearts because sometimes we need to do as we preach. Now when I have a schedule that requires me to be like at five different states in a day, the challenge is allocating time for my family. What is the highlight of your career as a motivator? Getting the opportunity to meet with many people and receiving good prayers are some of the highlights. Apart from that, I got to travel around Malaysia and other countries. If not for these talks, I don’t think I would have discovered new places. As mentioned earlier, you consider ‘doing things that add value for other people’and that is your soul. What has been your journey like as a humanitarian activist? I started as an ambassador for Aman Palestine and it was without my sister because she was still young. She later joined me as an activist for Muslim Care Malaysia, Muslim Volunteer Malaysia (MVM) and also Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia (MAPIM). There was a time where we were on a mission in one country and they said, “Thank you Malaysia. Malaysia is our hero”. You see, when we give a leg up for other people, their happiness is indescribable. In return, they hope for the best for our country and that alone makes me happy. I would say happiness is when you see other people happy. Where do you stand as an activist under MAPIM Malaysia and Yayasan MyPrihatin? My sister and I are already like family with MAPIM. Recently, we joined MAPIM as ‘mission coordinator’ where we plotted the My sister and I are involved with MAPIM Malaysia in every step of the way. We share every hardship. mission from A to Z. We are involved with MAPIM Malaysia in every step of the way. We share every hardship. If there are problems, they will inform us. We are there from hosting, promoting, collecting donations, doing video recording, video editing and scriptwriting. On the other hand, we are also involved with Yayasan MyPrihatin where they provide donations for patients at Institut Jantung Negara (IJN). For every head scarf (my own production of scarves) sold, a portion is allocated as a donation. During this Covid- 19 pandemic we donated PPEs to IJN. These donations will then be distributed to other hospitals. Was your experience as a TV host a challenge? I had always wanted to be a TV host since I was small because I am naturally a talkative person. That was my interest. I hosted Sinar Itu Hadir Jua, SIS Istimewa Raya, and Man Jadda, Wajada. The most “wow” experience was hosting Rasa Halal Antarabangsa where I got the chance to travel to another country. That was the most exciting moment. The latest programme I hosted was Dr Pokok, showing on Berita RTM. It was something new for me. I got tongue-twisted trying to pronounce some scientific terms. Where do you see yourself soon? I want to perform on stage and act again. But I believe where I stand today is what He wants. If something is meant for you, it will remain yours. Besides that, I always thought of going back to writing and publishing my own books again. However, it may take some time to get that pace back. For the time being, I am going full force as a humanitarian activist. I want to pour my heart and soul doing anything for the greater good of our community. At 12, my neighbour, who was also my late tuition teacher, taught me one thing. He said, “If we want to succeed, we must find opportunities in any difficulty, not finding difficulties in any opportunity.” I have held onto his words till today.