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Digi launches new upgraded postpaid to connect more Malaysians
On Feb 23 , 2021 , Malaysia ’ s Shariah compliant telecommunication company , Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ( Digi ) announced its upgraded Digi Postpaid portfolio to support more Malaysians as they bounce back to recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic .
The new Digi Postpaid now comes with simpler Internet plans that removes complicated quota partitions , while maintaining high-speed Internet with no speed caps , allowing customers to use the Internet any time they want . To help more Malaysians stretch their ringgit , this new portfolio provides customers the flexibility to choose free add-ons to meet individual needs such as rebates on Google Play and Apple App Store , extra Internet quota , and mobile broadband .
Digi ’ s Chief Marketing Officer Praveen Rajan said that this upgraded Digi Postpaid proposition comes at a relevant time .
“ Since we first started our postpaid service more than a decade ago , we have not stopped asking ourselves how and what can we do to help our customers stay connected to what matters most . With 3 million Malaysians already using Digi Postpaid , we are continuously curating feedback to enhance our services , and this new portfolio is a testament of what Digi has been known for throughout these years , which is to continuously bring simplicity and greater value to our customers ,” said Praveen .
He added that this new postpaid portfolio will also support Digi ’ s efforts to connect more Malaysian households to fibre broadband , as the offerings provide additional savings when a customer combines Digi Postpaid and Digi Fibre under one account .
Hong Leong Islamic Bank wins Excellence Award for spearheading Islamic digital banking in Malaysia
Hong Leong Islamic Bank ( HLISB ) was recently awarded the IRBA Excellence Award 2020 for Islamic Digital Banking by the prestigious global Islamic Retail Banking Awards (“ IRBA ”) for being a front-runner in innovating and shaping the Islamic digital retail banking landscape in Malaysia .
The Chief Executive Officer of HLISB , Jasani Abdullah shared that the Bank has embraced a “ digital-at-the-core ” ethos that puts customers at the center of the Bank ’ s products and services offerings .
“ We are very honored to win this award of excellence . It validates the trajectory and effort of our entire team aimed at achieving our goal of providing an unrivalled Shariah Compliant Digital Islamic banking experience , combined with a human touch and empathy , which we believe adds value to the interaction and relationship we have with our customers ”, said Jasani .
Throughout this digital journey , HLISB achieved many significant milestones in Islamic digital retail banking aimed at increasingly digital and mobile first customers .
Nestlé partners with KyoChon to debut new meat-free menu
Halal brand , Nestlé Malaysia marks its official entry into the fast-growing plant-based foods segment in the Out-of-Home sector , partnering with KyoChon to launch a meat-free menu using its all-new Harvest Gourmet plant-based range .
Catering to a wider consumer base , the new meat-free menu at KyoChon is aimed at those seeking to reduce their meat intake , while still enjoying signature taste of Malaysia ’ s Tastiest Korean Fried Chicken .
The plant-based meat consists of Harvest Gourmet ’ s meat-free schnitzel which tastes like real chicken , made wholly from plants like wheat , beetroot and non-GMO soy , which is rich in protein and a good source of fibre .
Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé ( Malaysia ) Berhad , Juan Aranols said , “ There is a growing appetite for plant-based foods . More and more people are looking for healthier food options that are also better for the planet .
“ With many Malaysians looking to reduce their consumption of meat , our Nestlé Professional business is excited to join hands with KyoChon to introduce our first made-in-Malaysia plant-based meat products under our Harvest Gourmet range . Harvest Gourmet will be reaching many more F & B outlets very soon , so stay tuned !”

No issue to be Muslim-friendly

Five-star Pullman Kuching has been getting positive response

Luxury property , Pullman Kuching , fronting the Kuching waterfront in Sarawak , Malaysia , had an easy experience in being certified as a Muslim-friendly hotel . The five-star hotel applied for — and received — the Muslim-friendly Accommodation Recognition ( MFAR ) certification in 2020 from Islamic Tourism Centre ( ITC ), without any issue , thanks to its existing services and facilities already fulfilling the basic MFAR criteria in the Silver category .

Ishak Ibrahim , Cluster General Manager for Pullman Kuching and Pullman Miri Waterfront , said : “ It was a smooth experience for us and we didn ’ t have issues in our application as the hotel already implements most of the criteria for Muslimfriendly recognition since we opened in 2010 .”
He noted that such a recognition helped strengthen the branding and marketing efforts carried out by the hotel .
“ Though we already had all the basic services and facilities in place to meet the needs of our Muslim guests , we pursued the certification anyway so that we could use it to attract more Muslim tourists to stay with us and use our services . It makes a great marketing tool for us .
“ It has certainly helped us to gain customers ’ trust especially Muslim tourists . We highlight the fact that we ’ ve been recognised as Muslim-friendly and this leads to a conversation about the various facilities and services we provide specifically for this market .”
Pullman Kuching has an on-site surau ( prayer room ) for the public , and provides prayer mats , prayer attire , and Qibla direction indicator in each of its guest rooms . All guest bathrooms are also equipped with bidets .
Its halal-certified restaurant , Puzzle Restaurant , is open for all-day buffet or ala carte dining with Western and Asian menu options . For guests who prefer Chinese cuisine , especially halal dim sum , the Nu Er Hong Restaurant offers lunch and dinner options and has private rooms that can cater to
IN early February , the Malaysian Department of Quarantine and Inspection Services ( MAQIS ) Penang seized 335,914kg of frozen buffalo meat worth RM4.28 million for using the halal logo not recognised by the Malaysian authorities , at the North Butterworth Container Terminal ( NBCT ).
Its director , Zarina Ramli , said her department inspected 12 containers from India carrying 17,370 boxes of frozen meat and found that it used an unrecognised halal logo .
“ The MAQIS inspection found that the entire trade used the halal logo which was not recognised by the Malaysian authorities and we seized it for further investigation ,” she said in a statement .
She said the case was being investigated under Section 13 of the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Act 2011 for using fake , inaccurate or misleading logos in the importation of agricultural products which could result in a fine not exceeding RM50,000 or imprisonment for up to two years or both , if convicted .
Zarina said MAQIS always inspected agricultural
parties of up to 48 people .
Now that the hotel has been officially recognised as Muslim-friendly , it has been getting positive reactions from partners and clientele .
Ishak said : “ We ’ re motivated by the positive feedback we ’ ve received from our guests . To enhance our services and underline the importance of this market to our staff , we ’ ve scheduled talks around the topic of halal and Muslim-friendly tourism and hospitality to our employees .
“ We want to increase awareness among staff about this concept and help them better understand the market . The knowledge will inevitably lead them to serve these customers in a more thoughtful and empathetic manner .”
Ishak acknowledged the growth of the Muslim tourist market and believed that “ hotels in Malaysia should take the initiative of tapping into this opportunity by ensuring their products , services , and facilities meet the faith-based needs of these travellers ”.

MAQIS seizes buffalo meat worth RM4.28 million using unrecognised halal logo

products at every entrance of the country to ensure that plants , animals , carcasses , fish , agricultural products and microorganisms imported into the country were free from pests , diseases and contaminants , and comply with government regulations .