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Indonesia The company is first from South Korea to enter the halal market in the Muslim-majority nation
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Daesang enters

Indonesia The company is first from South Korea to enter the halal market in the Muslim-majority nation

One of South Korea ’ s largest food manufacturers , Daesang Corp , has big plans in the halal market after gaining confidence from its foray into Indonesia , which follows the strict Islamic dietary guidelines , according to its chief executive , Lim Jung-bae .

The company plans to achieve a US $ 1 billion sales milestone in Indonesia over the next decade through continued expansion and reaches to other areas in Southeast Asia and the Middle East , Jung-bae said .
Daesang also announced a long-term plan to increase sales in the Indonesian market to 1.4 trillion Won by 2030 to make its name in the top 10 list in the Indonesian food industry . Daesang raised sales of 369.7 billion Won in the Southeast Asian country last year , up seven per cent from the past year . It hopes its ascent in the Southeast Asian nation can accelerate its foray into other halal markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East .
Daesang entered Indonesia ’ s halal food market earlier than the other Korean companies by establishing a local subsidiary PT . Miwon Indonesia in 1973 . Since then , the company has steadily expanded its presence in the country ’ s bio , food , and starch sugar industries .
“ Indonesia ’ s perfect geographical location with vast sugarcane plantations , which produce the main ingredient of MSG , gave us a firm footing to ramp up our operations in Asia ,” said an official from Daesang .
The company aims to build upon the stable business base in Indonesia , the largest halal food market globally in terms of population , to make inroads into other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore , Malaysia , and Brunei . The company also plans to enter
“ It ’ s not just about providing profit to the company or destination . It ’ s about doing so in a way that ensures both the traveller and the local community benefit from it . It aims to make lives better overall .”
While it is unclear exactly when economies will reopen and people will resume travelling en masse , Hamdi said she expects the halal travel market to be one of the earliest to pick
Indonesia ’ s perfect geographical location with vast sugarcane plantations , which produce the main ingredient of MSG , gave us a firm footing to ramp up our operations in Asia .”
Central Asia and the Middle East halal food markets soon .
Daesang has 47 years of experience dealing with Indonesian customers and boasts strong brand power in the country . Its food plant in Karawang produces 20,000 tons of food annually , including halal-certified products .
Its local brand Mamasuka launched in 2010 claims the largest market share with its mainstay products gim ( dried seaweed ) and bread crumbs , and its flavour enhancers and dressing command second and third , respectively . It stood at 26th among Indonesian food companies in 2019 and raised sales of 132.6 billion won last year , up 12 per cent on the year .
Its sales of starch sugar products totalled 103.7 billion Won last year , more than doubled from three years ago when Daesang started producing starch sugars . It dominates the cornstarch and high fructose syrup markets in the country as well .
back up once restrictions are eased .
Hamdi pointed to the potential of various Saudi projects currently in development that look “ very promising ” in their capacity to attract these young tourists .
“ Stargazing with locals near AlUla , for example , sounds exciting !” Hamdi said . “ It ’ s going to be an exciting time for tourism in Saudi Arabia over the next 10 years .”


New halal bureau for Tanzania seeks recognition
The newly established Halal Bureau for Tanzania is now seeking recognition from other bodies worldwide to provide universal certification .
Mico International Halal Bureau of Certification Ltd Tanzania ( MIHB ) currently supervises animals ’ slaughtering in all abattoirs and slaughterhouses in Tanzania to ensure foods adhere to Islamic laws .
The bureau was given such authority by the Supreme Muslim Council of Tanzania , according to the bureau ’ s secretary Sheikh Jumanne Kasonso .
He said it has applied to the Hafsa Halal Organisation of Turkey and to the Malaysian government body in charge of Halal certification to be a member .
“ Our objective is to strive to eradicate doubtful products through continuous inspection from the product sources to the consumer . We also want to maintain the strict criteria for universal acceptability and obtain international recognition based on professionalism ,” he said .
New Zealand enters the halal certification business
The New Zealand state has taken over the country ’ s leading halal certifier – and is now involved in the global halal business .
At the end of last year , the state-run food certifier Asure Quality acquired an 80 per cent stake in the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust ( NZIDT ), reports Rural News . NZIDT is New Zealand ’ s leading provider of halal audit and certification services for the food industry .
Two years ago , New Zealand exported halal products worth 3.5 billion dollars , primarily meat and dairy products . NZIDT certification is crucial for food exporters to gain market access to Muslim countries .
With the takeover , the New Zealand government also wants to strengthen NZIDT ’ s market position through training further .
Muslim CHNGMKRS – First International online Muslim lifestyle event
The first-ever Muslim lifestyle international event , CHNGMKRS showcased inspiring Muslim trailblazers carving their lanes , building their tables and myth-busting taboos to amplify diverse Muslim stories and lifestyles shaped by Islamic faith and values . The event was in February and March . The Covid pandemic has forced us to introspect , prioritise , and most importantly , prepare for a post-Covid world . The Muslim CHNGMKRS is precisely the tonic we as Muslims need to level up into our healthiest , most creative and entrepreneurial selves , regardless of age and gender .
The Muslim CHNGMKRS event is for everyday Muslims looking to be uplifted and inspired with encouragement from key influencers , artists , and entrepreneurs talking about fashion , beauty , health , marriage , parenting , sports , travel , food and business .
The founder of Noor and Zafir , Marta Maryam Rozsa , shared : “ I have always dreamed about creating a platform , for everyday heroes and connecting people with a story , with passions and contributing to our positive narratives from within , and create a world in which Muslims are confident , impactful and bringing positive change to society .
The Muslim CHNGMKRS event is just the beginning- it aims to inspire , to celebrate diversity , empower Muslims of today .”