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come true World Dream is the first cruise ship in the Asia-Pacific to receive an official OIC SMIIC Standards Halal certification from United World Halal Development
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come true World Dream is the first cruise ship in the Asia-Pacific to receive an official OIC SMIIC Standards Halal certification from United World Halal Development


Have you been browsing for a sea-cation experience fully equipped with Muslim-friendly facilities and serving halal foods ? Look no further because the World Dream cruise ship is a place to be . Do mark this cruise line for your next halal trip .

Singapore ’ s World Dream was introduced by Dream Cruises . World Dream is the first cruise ship in the Asia Pacific to receive certification based on OIC ( Organisation of Islamic Cooperation / SMIIC ( Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries ) Halal Standards from the United World Halal Development ( UNWHD ).
Based on Muslims ’ various facilities on the cruise ship , CrescentRating has awarded the ship a Crescent Rating of five , marking it as the first cruise liner to receive a five-rating .
Dear Muslims , isn ’ t this convincing enough ?
Dream Cruises aims to be a pacesetter in the global cruise industry , meeting the needs of the ‘ emerging generation ’ of confident , independently minded , and upwardly mobile Asian travellers . Dream Cruises offers inspirational journeys , which are Asian at heart and international in spirit .
Dream Cruise is recognised by the Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Guide 2020 , ranking Genting Dream and World Dream once again in the world ’ s top 10 Large Resort Ships – the only two highest ships to homeport yearround in Asia . Dream Cruises ’ third ship , Explorer Dream , also made her debut in the Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2020 guide under the “ Mid-Sized Ship ” category in the Top 20 position .
Dream Cruises was also recently awarded ‘ Best Luxury Cruise Line ’ at the Annual 30th Travel Trade Gazette ’ s ( TTG ) Travel Awards 2019 and ‘ Best Cruise Line – Cuisine ’, ‘ Best Cruise Line – Entertain ’.
So , what makes it a go-to cruise for Muslims ?
The Muslim-friendly amenities provided on the ship include prayer facilities completed with Quran and women-only services . The cruise ship also has Ramadhan services and serves halal-certified meats . It has been the go-to cruise liner for Muslims in the Asia Pacific for the past few years because of its halal-certified kitchen .
Referring to an article released by Halal- Zilla , do expect a wide variety of meals to choose from . The Lido , one of World Dream ’ s most popular restaurants , dedicates a halal buffet section onboard for Muslim guests to revel in all the specially catered breakfast , lunch , and dinner .
For another option , Muslim guests may
also go for halal dines at the Dream Dining Room Lower ( Deck 7 ) or even request halal room service . On top of this , the liner will also be providing Ramadhan-based services during the fasting month .
Suhoor meals will be delivered to rooms , and iftar meals will be prepared for those who are fasting . Tarawih services will also be held at night . This will allow the Muslim guests to carry out their Ramadhan practices comfortably . How beautiful is that ?
Dream Cruises has taken special considerations to curate women-only services to meet female Muslim ( Muslimah ) needs , namely ; healthcare services , spa and therapy services , and swimming pools and sports centres .
A brand-new series of Super Seacations was launched on Nov 6 , 2020 . The good news is travel lovers will have more opportunities to indulge in their wanderlust with the extension of World Dream ’ s Super Seacation itineraries till June . The Super Seacations features signature traditional and pop culture experiences from Korea and Thailand .
“ We have been greatly encouraged by the overwhelming response from Singapore residents for our Super Seacation cruises on World Dream ,” said the President of Dream Cruises , Michael Goh .
“ Our goal has been to provide a safe and worry-free vacation experience for our guests after so many months of Covid-19 . With our milestone 100th day of safe sailing on World Dream ’ s coming up in mid-February , we are pleased to announce that her homeport deployment has now been extended to the end of June 2021 .”
“ The Rhythm of Korea ”, on Feb 21-Mar 31 , 2021 , incorporates the multiple facets of Korea ranging from ancient times to the modern , prosperous country of modern-day beginning with highlights from the Joseon Dynasty , dating back over 1600 years . People onboard can also enjoy a Hanbok fashion runway show , the iconic garment that embodies the vibrant culture and colourful representation of historic Korea .
KIMBAP MAKING ... learn classic recipes well-loved by Koreans of multiple generations , such as kimchi and kimbap , and feast on trendy Korean street food delights .
For culinary cruisers , people can get the opportunity to learn classic recipes wellloved by Koreans of multiple generations , such as kimchi and kimbap . They can also feast on trendy Korean streetfood flooding every foodie ’ s Instagram feed , such as tteokbokki rice cake , japchae , haemul pajeon seafood pancake and Korean fried chicken .
“ Amazing Thailand ” ( Mar 31-May 28 , 2021 ) will set the mood for the Thai New Year , as you experience themed activities ranging from traditional to pop Thai music to a movie marathon of Thai blockbusters . For the physically inclined , enjoy a hit of adrenaline with basic Muay Thai training , or a fun game of Sepak Takraw , a hybrid sport of football , volleyball and gymnastics , then partake in Water Gun Tag or the Pitch Burst Challenge .
This is one of the halal getaways you do not want to miss !