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Private Cosméticos of Brazil , which specialises in vegan products , has been offering halal items since early last February and wants to expand in Muslim markets


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Giant leap

Private Cosméticos of Brazil , which specialises in vegan products , has been offering halal items since early last February and wants to expand in Muslim markets
By Isaura Daniel

BRAZILIAN cosmetics company Private Cosméticos got its products halal-certified .

The certificate , which attests the goods are made in compliance with Islamic rules and are fit for consumption by
Muslims , was awarded in early February .
The halal label applies to all of Private ’ s hair and skin cosmetics lines . It was bestowed by the Islamic Inspection Service ( SIIL Halal ) in Brazil , and it is valid to all Islamic markets . Arab countries have predominantly Muslim populations .
Private ’ s CEO Márcio Antônio Espíndola believed the newly-achieved certification will lend even further credibility to the business since the Middle East market is its primary export target . Espíndola hoped the label will yield sustainable , lasting , and highly positive growth for its brands in Muslim countries .
Besides manufacturing products for its own lines , Private Cosméticos is cleared to supply its third-party clients upon prior notice to the certifier . The company provides private label product .
Private ’ s portfolio includes the Vegan Lizz
Private ’ s CEO Márcio Antônio Espíndola .
brand ’ s Hair Care and Skin Care lines . Items include conditioners , straighteners , skin masks , shampoos , and oils . The company specialises in vegan products , which contain no animal-based products and are not tested on animals .
The hair straightener is a highlight .
Based in Valinhos , São Paulo , Private Cosméticos is an Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce member company . Espíndola explained the Chamber had always supported the company and encouraged it to become halal-certified for easier entry into Arab markets .
Private is planning on having marketing and social media actions targeting the Arab countries and enhancing its partnership with the Arab Brazilian Chamber even further by joining trade shows and congresses across the Middle East . Private Cosméticos ’ products are of the premium type .
Espíndola believes his products will always be well-accepted in Muslim markets .
“ That ’ s because all our products convey truth and honesty . That ’ s part of our mission statement and our values ,” he told ANBA .
The company ’ s products are available in Arab markets , including Saudi Arabia , Libya and Iraq .

Vegan hair straightener line to Arabs

By Thais Sousa

For 12 years , the Brazilian brand Private Cosméticos has specialised in serving the vegan market , which abstains from animal products or products that have been tested in animals . With this expertise , the company features a vegan hair straightener line .

The product has been exported to several countries , including Saudi Arabia , Iraq and Libya .
“ We have a very successful line in the Middle East called Vegan Lizz . They are hair straightener , moisturising and home care products ,” the company ’ s CEO Márcio Antônio Espindola told ANBA .
The line was developed to eliminate the hair ’ s frizz and volume , resulting in a natural straight look without damaging
We specialise in highperformance private-label vegan products and work only with premium products . ”
or harming the hair fibre . The products , such as anti-frizz and shampoos , have v egetal oils and raw materials in their formulae that moisturise , nourish and rebuild the hair .
“ We don ’ t give up on our essential oils and natural , vegan active ingredients ,” stressed Espíndola .
The Brazilian family company was founded by Espíndola , who noticed how well the hair responded to vegan cosmetics , decided to slip into this niche .
“ I ’ ve been an industry manager for some
years , and I lived in Europe to study . That ’ s where I had my first experience developing products ,” he recounted .
The company ’ s portfolio now includes hair products and skin and body creams , body splash , and vegetal soap bars . Based in the city of Valinhos , São Paulo , the company focus on developing cosmetics private-label products .
So , half of Private Cosméticos ’ products are geared toward Brazil , and the other 50 per cent are exported .
“ We specialise in high-performance private-label vegan products and work only with premium products ,” the CEO stressed , pointing out the company manufactures products for other 45 brands .
The businessman believed the brand ’ s vegan hair straightener products had broken into other markets due to the high demand for premium , sustainable products .
“ People have increasingly focused on high-quality , natural products and sustainable , responsible , environmentally-friendly companies . This creates a space for vegan products in the market ,” the CEO said .
All products developed by the brand are cruelty-free certified .
“ We believe these certifications are a great prize ,” Espíndola said on the vegan and cruelty-free seals .