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make the API .
For example , in the case of gelatin , a commonly used excipient in pharmaceuticals as a stabiliser and capsule shell , the source of gelatin must be declared or stated on the product ’ s immediate label and outer label .
To illustrate the diverse aspects concerning halal issues in pharmaceuticals , here are some examples : a . Gelatine in capsule shells in soft and hard gelatin capsules . Gelatine is the primary ingredient to confer filming property to the thin capsule shells . There are three sources of gelatin , namely bovine , porcine and goat . For gelatin derived from bovine and goat , the animals must be slaughtered in the Islamic way to conform to halal regulation . b . Gelatine in parenteral formulation . Gelatine is a standard pharmaceutical stabiliser in the parenteral dosage form . The source of gelatin can be derived from bovine and porcine . Such parenteral formulations include vaccines , antibiotics , anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant drugs . c . Alcohol in orally administered medicine . Some medicines to be consumed by oral ( e . g . liquid or suspension ) may contain alcohol ( ethanol ). There could be two functions of this ethanol in this medicine , either as co-solvent , antiseptic , or both .
Usually , ethanol is present in less than 11 per cent of cough syrup and high concentration (~ 20-30 per cent ) in any tincture preparation . e-Fatwa JAKIM stated that ethanol could be used for medical purposes without saying the limit , as long as the ethanol origin is from the non-beverage , alcohol-making factory .
Nevertheless , there are always other medicines for the same indication that do not contain ethanol - for example , the over-the-counter ( OTC ) drug known as iKool ®. The medication is in the form of an ointment and applied topically at the throat . It has been registered to relieve cough , and it is an excellent alternative to ethanol-containing syrups . d . Alcohol ( ethanol ) in topical dosage form . Ethanol in topical dosage form pharmaceuticals ( lotion , cream , hand sanitiser ) is used as antiseptic or penetration enhancers . e-Fatwa JAKIM stated that ethanol could be used for treatment . The requirement is that a non-beverage , alcohol-making company manufactures the alcohol . e . Magnesium stearate – an excipient in tablet form . Magnesium stearate is used as a lubricant in manufacturing solid dosage forms ( tablets , capsules ) and some inhaler preparation such as Dry Powder Inhalers of many brands and technologies . It can be derived from either plant or animal origin . Whenever it originates from an animal , the animal must be halal ( livestock animal ) and slaughtered in the Islamic way . There are other halal issues related to registered pharmaceuticals in Malaysia , as illustrated in the infographic .
New insights on halal pharmaceuticals
Everyone should know that ‘ safeguarding life ” is a part of Essential ( Dharuriyyat ) Maqasid Al-Shariah . It is also in line with the Sustainable Development Goal ( SDG ) No . 3 ( Good Health & Well-Being ) promulgated by UNESCO .
As a healer or healthcare givers , we are responsible for safeguarding the life of patients by providing medicines that can cure the diseases or alleviate symptoms . We shall as much as possible avoid giving medications that patients have to take on a chronic basis . When a medicine must be taken on a chronic basis , the prime attribute of treatment , “ curing or alleviating ”, is no longer applicable .
Ideally , one should also observe that justice is also being conferred while providing the treatment . Ideally , justice would be exercised if the medicament is curing rather than giving the medication on a chronic basis .
Regarding this issue , halal pharmaceuticals carry a more encompassing and holistic virtue of a pharmaceutical or medicine . It should have the element of “ WISE ” - wholesomeness , innovation , sustainability and synergistic , and equitable . It should be easily accessible despite geographical or economic limitations .
Halal pharmaceuticals should be “ WISE ” pharmaceuticals , the elements that will confer justice to oppressed patients , especially those who have to take the medicines , even though it could be certified as halal , but on a chronic basis and until death becomes the endpoint .
Halal pharmaceuticals in Malaysia are steadily progressing . To ensure the continuity and sustainability of this halal pharmaceutical industry , continuous and concerted efforts from all stakeholders are necessary .
Awareness and practice on halal pharmaceuticals shall be inculcated since primary schools with a more cohesive programme involving relevant stakeholders . The Ministry of Health ( MoH ) agencies such as the regulator ( e . g . NPRA ) and the users ( hospitals ) shall continue to advocate and prioritise the use of halal and control the use of non-halal pharmaceuticals in any sector .
The new concept of halal , such as having the characteristic of “ WISE ” medicine , must be introduced , researched and promoted to provide a better healthcare approach to the world .
Farahidah Mohamed is from the Kulliyyah of Pharmacy , International Islamic University Malaysia ( IIUM ) and Mohd Affendi Mohd Shafri from the Kulliyyah of Allied Health & Sciences , IIUM .
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