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Selangor government to strengthen its halal industry through advocacy and strategic partnership

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@ Halal | January-February . 2022
Selangor government to strengthen its halal industry through advocacy and strategic partnership

WITH THRIVING industrial developments , strategic location and developed infrastructure , Selangor positioned itself as the most progressive

State in Malaysia .
Despite the pandemic , the State contributed 24.3 per cent to the national gross domestic product ( GDP ) in 2020 . Its robust economic growth has attracted domestic

Building a concrete ecosystem

We ’ re looking forward to realising this halal port project . On top of that , Selangor was selected by the federal government to build the 4th port in Pulau Carey . It will be part of our halal supply chain project .”
– Mohd Zawawi Ahmad Mughni and foreign investors for many years . Now , Selangor aims to strengthen its halal industry as it eyes endless opportunities in the global halal market .
Previously , Selangor ’ s halal industry was under the purview of the investment executive councillor . As one of its strategic plans to attract more investors , the State introduced a new halal industry portfolio in September 2020 , connecting its Shariah institution as the policyholder . This move makes Selangor the first State in Malaysia to do so .
In an exclusive interview with @ Halal , Mohd Zawawi Ahmad Mughni , Chairman of the State Executive Council ( EXCO ) for Islamic Religious Affairs , Consumer Affairs and Halal Industry Committee , revealed what was in store for the State ’ s halal industry development , 10 years down the road .
Selangor Halal Action Plan
Being handed the halal industry portfolio amid the pandemic , Zawawi said the responsibility as a challenging task .
He said : “ To make the State ’ s halal industry a viable and competitive industry nationally and internationally is a new challenge for me . However , a roadmap called Selangor Halal Action Plan ( SELHAP ) was jointly developed by Selangor Islamic Religious Department ( JAIS ) and Invest Selangor , through various engagement with the stakeholders . It is a 10-year plan for the State ' s halal industry .”
He shared that Aspire Flagship Sdn Bhd , an organisation responsible for managing HIS programmes , was approved to be rebranded in October 2021 . A new team , consisting of a new CEO and a few staff , was then set up to coordinate and drive all significant activities approved in SELHAP .
“ SELHAP is a roadmap approved by the Selangor State Executive Council ( EXCO ),” explained Zawawi .
Stressing that halal today has gone beyond just food and beverages , he revealed Selangor planned to establish its Ar-Rahnu institution moving forward . He believed the elements offered by Ar-Rahnu attracted the interest of consumers , be they Muslims or non-Muslims .
“ The main objective of Aspire Flagship is to plan and execute HIS programmes to attract foreign investors to the State ’ s halal industry . We have the halal hub , which has been here for many years .
“ However , the halal hub at the beginning