@Halal April 2019 - Page 32

08 @Glam.Halal april-may. 2019 interactive learning languages in augmented reality Future Learning Jawi & Hijaiyah Alphabets +1000 Vocabulary Attractive Designs Fast & Active Learning System Developed by Technology Partner LAIYON INTERACTIVE INTERACTIVE LANGUAGE LEARNING IN AUGMENTED REALITY Sharia Compliance - All content and physical materials screening by experts. Unique Design Images - Each pages has unique pattern to stimulate the right brain in helping the left brain to memorize the content. Responsive Mobile Apps - Simple design, easy to use and fast response. Independent Learning System - User can learn in practice & visual mode. Edutainment Program - Learn and Play concept with writing & speaking. Attractive Design - All content are developed and designed by creative and experts team in edutainment. For more information, please visit our website at www.smartaulad.com Download “Smart Aulad” in your mobile!