@Halal April 2019 - Page 31

07 @Glam.Halal april-may. 2019 T By Yasirah alfian here were several inter- national modest fashion designers and brand coming to showcase their line-upm alongside the amazing talents of locals in the UAE showcasing their collections in the Parade Shows. Designer brands include; Niswa Fashion, Lebasi and Ouafae Taame from the US, Mari- yan Suleymanova and Ahada from Russia, The Hijab Lee and Asiya Rafiq from India, Mayada Apparel from Canada, JD by Jaida Derguti and Sempre from Turkey, Kazeca Studio from Australia, Johar by Dalia and Hama Yassen from Jordan, Naj Tags from Lebanon, Raidha’s from Maldives, Boutal- lion from Netherlands, Victoria Design from Estonia, and S by Samar, JG Couture and My Kaftan from the UAE.  Five brands represented Indonesia; #Markamarie, Devi Janeeta, Lina Sukijo, Jawhara Syari and CR by Tika Ramlan. All of them with diverse style ranging from urban to the more conservative look; Syari Style. Singapore also showcased their urban designs from Adrianna Yariqa and Emma Melisa Apparel. Apart from that, College of Fashion & Design (CFD) showcased the great collections of their students. Apart from that, there were also a one- of-a-kind collaboration between artisan chocolatier of the Middle East- Blu Chocolate and Dulce by Safiya. There were multiple exclusive shows as well as part of the celebration. One of them was ANOTAH from Kuwait. Known as one of the most successful lifestyle brand, ANOTAH was established in 1998 with the foresight of providing inspiring collections that are tailored to fit modest, Middle Eastern women. From a single store in Kuwait, ANOTAH has grown to over 25 stores across the Middle East. Dubai lights up for modest fashion Modest Fashion Week returned to Dubai on 7 to 9 March this year at Emerald Palace Kempinski, Dubai Hilal Oğuzka, the Turkish designer brand showcasing their white floral themed collection. The Netherlands represented by Boutal- lion  shows their potential in modest fashion. Boutallion launched a couture collection specially created for Dubai. With Italian craftsmanship, exotic leathers, silk fabrics, real gold & diamonds – the collection is made for the contemporary and artistic soul. Azerbaijan has introduced their unique collection in the event through the exclusive fashion show. All best talents of the country showcasing their modest designs; Nargiz Shakhbazi and Hijab Queen, Anara Zakirli, Zahra World and Lyaman Haji- yeva. Attendees received what seems to be a spectacular introduction into Azerbaijani modest fashion’s strength and detail.