@Halal April 2019 - Page 23

23 april-may. 2019 | @Halal MIHAS is unique as it features various key sectors within the whole Islamic economy supply chain, beyond Food & Beverages, such as Pharma-ceuticals, Cosmetics, Finance, eCommerce, Tourism, Logistics, and more. This year, the event welcomes a new addition – Modest Fashion – an emerging sector valued at USD270 billion.” MIHAS Ahmad Dzhuri Abdul Wahab, Head of MIHAS organising team and the managing director of HW Lima giving his speech at the networking Hi-Tea session at MATRADE. As the world’s largest halal trade fair, MIHAS will provide you the access to businesses, allowing you to reap on the various exciting sourcing opportunities through our iconic business matching initiatives namely the International Sourcing Programme (INSP), Hosted Buyer and MihasConnect. This year, MIHAS is proud to be part of the Global Halal Summit (GHaS), an initiative by the Government of Malay- sia through the Department of Islamic Development to converge all halal-related events within one week in Kuala Lumpur, from 1 to 6 April 2019. With such dynamic showcase and influential mix of events at MIHAS, it is my hope that MIHAS 2019 will contribute to your business growth globally. The grow- ing participation of the world business in the event is an embodiment of the many potentials within the Islamic economy that is valued at USD6.8 trillion by year 2023, according to Thompson Reuters’ State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2018/2019. I would like to thank all our supporting partners, sponsors, exhibitors, buyers, media and visitors in making the 16th edition of MIHAS the best edition to date. Good luck and have fruitful time at MIHAS 2019. Opportunities in the halal industry Consumer Representatives from several Arab countries sharing their experiences in halal trading. Last year’s MIHAS event have attracted over 778 exhibitors from 32 countries and 21,000 visitors globally, generating over RM1.52 billion in sales. An exclusive look into the MIHAS 2019 Hi- Tea session with the embassies of the Arab Nations in Kuala Lumpur. Aiming to share the insights of Malaysia Halal Industry, MIHAS together with MATRADE and Arab Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCC) put together a networking event to urge the Arab League nations to look to Malaysia for the supply of halal products for their market. The exponential growth of halal trading in Asia Pacific especially, has been an indicator that halal products are not just being traded in between Arab countries. Although there has been somewhat a disconnection between halal markets in the Asia Pacific and the Arab countries. The hi-tea session aims to showcase the strength of halal trade of the Asia Pacific and have more traders among Arab countries to join in. MIHAS 2019 is where halal traders in Asia has been congregating, and it is where they want traders from Kuwait, UAE, Arab Saudi, and more to be a part of as well.