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21 april-may. 2019 | @Halal The blue dome of the Federal Territory Mosque pays homage to Turkey’s iconic Blue Mosque. The interior of the Federal Territory Mosque’s dome, showcasing features of Turkish, Arabic, and traditional Malay designs. The famed atrium of the mosque. K uala Lumpur’s Masjid of Choice is always under the spotlight when promoting Malaysia’s premier Muslim- friendly Tourism highlights. Located just a stone’s throw away from the city centre of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim’s government complex and MATRADE’s building, the architecture of the Federal Territory Mosques is heavily influenced by Turkey’s iconic Blue Mosque – with a touch of traditional Malay and Middle Eastern design elements. The mosque with the most grandeur Unique architecture and design makes the Federal Territory Mosque a prime Muslim-friendly site to visit Language not a barrier The complete facility The Federal Territory Mosque, or Federal Mosque for short, showcases a community, research and educational complex equipped with a plethora of facilities. Unlike the more conventional mosque, the Federal Mosque are equipped with a meeting room, seminar rooms, library, multi-purpose hall and even basic accommodation. It also has Ibnu Battutah, a Tourist Information Centre within the mosque complex named after the Islamic World’s most prolific traveller. The function of the centre is to cater both local and interna- tional visitors (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) interested to know more about the Federal Mosque and other Islamic Tourism services. Volunteer Programme In addition, the Federal Mosque provides a mosque tour programme which utilises a volunteer group of tour guides often touted as Malaysia’s best. Interested candidates would undergo interview and training through the mentor-mentee programme before becoming a volunteer. The volunteers who age ranges from 21 to 84 years old must be well-prepared with basic Islamic knowledge. Other than that, the volunteers are taught the history of the mosque, the designs it pays homage to, and the spiritual symbolism it helms. Visitors to the mosque would not only be given the tour of the physical infrastructure of the Federal Mosque, they are enlightened by the teachings of Islam as well. Visitors to the mosque would follow a guided tour throughout their visitation, led by trained volunteers. Already in its 10th year in operation, the tour has been receiving positive feedback and comments on social media. ” Some of the senior volunteers were candid in sharing some of their experience in giving tours to visitors. “Some visitors find it engaging to discuss the beautiful design the mosque has, while others are more interested to know more about the religion itself. We try to provide as much informa- tion as we can to them, and we will refer to the more knowledgeable for questions that are beyond our own.” There has been many visitors who went through mosque tours, and many of them do not speak English or Malay. This presents the volunteers with some level of difficulty when giving them the tour, yet they found no burden in the language barrier. One volunteer says, “Although language barrier do occur during visitations from tourists, the issue was never a big problem for us. The tours are mostly visual experiences, and most with language barriers appreciates it just the same.” The volunteers are however, equipped with a few foreign languages. Some of the volunteers are capable in speaking Korean, Spanish and Russian on top of English. Already in its 10th year in operation, the tour has been receiving positive feedback and comments on social media. The Federal Territory Mosque, dubbed as the ‘Jewel of Kuala Lumpur’ is rated amongst the top five most visited tourist attraction and also the most photographed mosque in Kuala Lumpur.