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15 APRIL-MAY. 2019 | @Halal Business Invest Selangor and what they do s ElanGor darul Ehsan, the golden state of Malaysia, is Malaysia’s most developed and progressive state. It is the country’s pri- mary port of entry and strategically located around the capital city, Kuala lumpur. as Malaysia’s largest economy, selangor enjoys a highly developed infrastructure for major industry clusters and is a well established investment haven backed by excellent state government support and an advanced commercial ecosystem. Known for its highly skilled and innovative knowledge workforce as well as an attractive cosmopolitan living standard, selangor is a beacon of abundance and prosperity. For over the span of 18 years, Invest selangor berhad acts as guidance for investors across the globe that are looking forward to invest and prosper in the state of selangor. It is a one-stop agency that provides informa- tion, advisory services, as well as start-up or expansion assistance to potential and existing investors. since the inception, Invest selangor have attracted more than 5,104 manufacturing projects in selangor. Therefore, Invest selangor have been indirectly responsible for the creation of 387,318 jobs and attracting more than rM144.2 billion worth of manufacturing investments to the state. It will continually strive to create a conducive investment-friendly environment through the creation of new networks, services and competitive incentives provided by the Malaysian Investment development authority – and continually showcase to the world the dynamic, golden state of selangor. With its vision to be a leading investment solution centre in Malaysia and asEan, Invest selangor berhad off ers numerous gains and profi ts for all the investors and depositors in selangor. From 7.1% growth in GdP and close proximity to the administrative capital to 3.4 million skilled and multilingual workforces, these traits make selangor the wealthiest and urbanized state in Malaysia. More reasons to invest in selangor includes free from natural disasters, world class cities and towns and cyberjaya-the national IcT capital of Malaysia. Invest selangor focuses on 5 core clusters of industries. 1 Food & beverages manufacturing 4 transport equipment 2 3 Life sciences 5 electric & electronic Machinery & equipment W Dato’ Hasan Azhari HJ. Idris, Chief Executive Offi cer of Invest Selangor Berhad ITHIn selangor also has emerged the success stories of companies such cargill Holdings and Western digital Malaysia sdn bhd. according to Mr. Chandramohan Nair, the director of corporate aff airs of cargill Holdings (M) sdn bhd, “selangor provides a versatile, skilled, industrious and multi-lingual workforce.  This is important as cargill believes that people are our greatest strength and employees who are able to engage with our businesses and customers around the world will help us to feed the world in a respon- sible way.” From Western digital (Malaysia) sdn bhd, Mr Thomas Fong, the senior director of Finance, praised Invest selangor for its pillar and growing behaviour. “Invest selangor has been supportive of our very large investment and presence in selangor for more than 40 years. We are proud to have grown together with selangor.” The success of Panasonic is not a new rev- elation. Mr Toshiro Okamoto, the Managing director for Panasonic Management Malaysia sdn bhd said that “The infrastructure and logistics provided are very good without doubt, selangor state takes care of Panasonic very well.”