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14 @Halal | april-may. 2019 Haltech Talk The tech Global Haltech: in halal trade G By Yasirah Alfian Haltech’s mission is to uphold the sanctity of the halal trade ecosystem through halal testing, halal products and halal proficiency. There are three innovative solutions created; Education, Validation and Trading. These three solutions are being imple- mented through its subsidiary companies Halquest Sdn Bhd, Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd and Myhalmart Sdn Bhd respectively. lobal Haltech is a group offering ‘Total Halal Trade Ecosystem’ — a systematic and sustainable service which integrates training, testing and providing tools of trade. Global Haltech serves as a market connector, linking Far East producers to the world. Its vision is to form a global halal trade ecosystem through the engagement of global communities prospering the global halal market. Meanwhile, Global Halquest Sdn Bhd Halquest Sdn Bhd is one of the pioneers in Malaysia to offer competency-based training registered under Halal Professional Board (HPB) to enhance skill pro- ficiency and consultation on business development, quality assurance, regula- tory affairs, professional development and project management to leading companies and government agencies in the area of biotechnology, biochemistry, biopharmaceutical and halal. Halquest aims to fill the gap between the theoretical education and the practical demands of industry, for example Research & Development (R&D) of Validation, R&D of Verifica- tion, regulation, processing, quality assurance and management. Myhalmart Sdn Bhd Myhalmart Sdn Bhd is a global lifestyle online marketplace, offering premium range of quality and authentic halal products that have met the standards of HALALAN TOYYIBAN compliance. With a vision to deliver a sustainable halal product trade from supply to market and nurture the Muslim-friendly com- munity and environment, Myhalmart provide halal, safe, quality, premium and authentic products to meet worldwide growing market demand. Global Haltech works closely with relevant government agencies and GLCs to support and strengthen each other in terms of application and policy of halal products and trade. The company has become a strategic partner for the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) under Malaysia International Halal Acad- emy (MIHA), which plays a vital role in training and guidance of halal Malaysia certification. Global Haltech’s laboratory has also been appointed as one of JAKIM’s Panel Labora- tory in Malaysia. It has also been officially awarded the BioNexus Partner (BNP) Labo- ratories status by Bioeconomy Corporation. By having the credentials, Global Haltech has the means to expand and to create more business opportunities. Global Haltech will be on par as a trading management and halal certification medium, locally and internationally. Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd Halvec Laboratories operates as an ISO17025 accredited service laboratory in Malaysia. It offers testing and verification services covering the scope of Halal Testing, Toyyiban Testing and Ethical Testing. Being accredited with ISO17025, Halvec ensure the accuracy, integrity and reliability of the results are delivered perfectly at all time. Halvec Laboratories is at the forefront of Halalan Toyyiban testing technology, and are constantly advocating the highest standards and competency by regularly participating in official proficiency testing programs. Its vision is to be the world’s leading centre in Halal testing and verification to validate and assure end-to-end Halal integrity is maintained throughout the entire supply chain.