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13 april-may. 2019 | @Halal Malaysian businesses for the win A By Maria Azman s part of MHE2019, several local SMEs were given the opportunity to showcase their halal products and have them potentially featured in Japan for next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. Three well-known local figures has been on the move to promote their halal products; Singer Amy Search, Faizal Ismail, and Dr Aishah. BaristAmy by Amy Search Singer and coffee-preneur, Suhaimi Abdul Rahman (also known as Amy Search), launched his very own self-service coffee machine – BaristAmy during the expo. He introduced his new ‘baby’ to compliment his coffee brand Phewiiit Coffee which came out early last year. Amy Search planned to get more than 500 units of BaristAmy installed by April at various locations around Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur and Johor. The new coffee machine would be serving Phewitt coffee for all coffee lovers. Following the launch at MHE 2019, Amy has a keen eye to promote his coffee brand to Tokyo 2020 in Japan. FBI’s Halal certificate helps to promote product Focusing on producing ready-to-eat products, Faizal Ismail or FBI, ventured into the line of food business together with his wife, Nor Azlina Ahmad Din. The radio emcee and aspir- ing entrepreneur have developed the Daging Itam Manis, Ayam Itam Manis and Daging Dendeng Lentok as their products. The Super Sedap products by FBI Food Sdn Bhd have received halal certification in September 2018 from the local authority. Obtaining the halal certification was indeed a blessing for their business as it has increased their customers’ trust. “People got to know our products from all the exhibitions we have joined, such as Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-tourism Show 2018 (MAHA2018) and of course, MHE2019. Our products are being distributed through local agent nationwide,” said Faizal at his booth during MHE2019. Eyeing Japan as a potential market, FBI also promoted Sushi Melayu during the event. The sushi was made with local celebrity Aida, founder of Succi Sushi in Bangi. They have incorporated FBI’s Daging Itam Manis and have made it into a sushi dish. The sushi Melayu was well-received by the customers at Aida’s restaurant. “Japanese has been known to love meats, especially beef such as Wagyu. We are hoping to bring Sushi Melayu to Japan for the Tokyo 2020,” he said. Amy Search looks to appeal to the Japanese market during Tokyo Olympics 2020 with his BaristAmy coffee vending machine. Dr Aishah Solutions to cater the Japanese market Japanese are very serious in what they do. Initially, through MATRADE Tokyo, we were able to appeal to a few Japanese partners and bring forward our healthy products to Japan. We are now looking to strengthen our presence in Japan during next year’s Olympic Games,” Dr Aishah explained at the MHE2019. Dr Aishah’s products are favoured by the Japanese due to its formulation of having no sugar and salt while having good amount of fibre and protein. “In the next five years, we look forward on focusing and establishing our brand into becoming an international brand.” Japanese has been known to love meats, especially beef such as Wagyu. We are hoping to bring Sushi Melayu to Japan for the Tokyo 2020.” – Faizal Ismail “High fibre, less sugar.” This is the mantra for Dr Aishah’s DASTO products. Passion in what you do, trust in your prod- ucts and believe in yourself are the motto which keeps Dr Aishah standing strong in giving the best for her dietary products. Dr Aishah Solutions Tackles Obesity (DASTO) consists of healthy products such as break- fast cereal and energy bar. These products have already been marketed to the Japanese market, and the team is gearing up for more exposure during the upcoming Tokyo 2020. “I always think Japan to be the best market for DASTO. They demand quality, and the Dr Aishah with her Japanese business partners promoting DASTO in Japan. Faizal Ismail, with FBI Foods hopes to break into Japan with his ready-to-eat Malay meals and Sushi Melayu.