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11 april-may. 2019 | @Halal “Melebar Risalah, Menyantuni Ummah” Advancing the Global Halal Industry The Halal Hub department at Jakim is where the Halal Management Department division and the Malaysia Halal Council (MHC) secretariat resides. ment of Halal Assurance System (HAS), the designation of a Halal Executive (HE) in the company and in addition the formation of Internal Halal Committee (IHC) and Internal Halal Audit (IHA). From these, the roles of the regulatory authority such as JAKIM and Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri (JAIN) becomes to validate the assurance developed by the halal certificate applicants. This new experience by JAKIM differs from the last 10 years. Previously, JAKIM has to check from A to Z in terms of both assurance and validation. Nowadays, Halal Built-in gets the industry to do their homework, and the authority’s responsibility is to affirm that the declaration by the industry is in accordance to the regulations and standards. Bridging halal through Malaysia International Halal Academy (MIHA) In helping the local industry to gain trust by obtaining a halal certificate, MHC is also getting favourable feedback from international indus- try. This is because the level of awareness in the industry and the consumers for halal products has been increasing exponentially. For the past three years, the international industry has been inquiring on how they could obtain halal confirmation from Malaysia. Utilis- ing the foundation of MHC and the initiatives developed under HPB, Malaysia International Halal Academy (MIHA) was established. These strategic partners, also known as MIHA partners of JAKIM, are entitled to build-up the foreign halal industry by giving awareness, creating programmes for training and coaching. This academy is client-friendly, as the supply of trainer and instructor by MIHA partners would provide training whenever the client wants the session to be. The initiative being taken would hopefully lead Malaysia’s halal industry into the centre of the world. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) in Halal Malaysia To traverse across the world, the recent devel- opment of information and technology has to be taken advantage of. The world is getting smaller due the technology. Moving forward with aggression to ensure the success of IR 4.0 launched by Tun M, Prime Minister of Malaysia, JAKIM encourages the industry to utilise new advancing technologies into halal trade. Halal is based on Shariah, and IR 4.0 is based on the usage and benefitting of technology. Incorporating both together, the industry of Halal would emerge as the one of the best industry in the world. The Global Halal Summit is a culmination of several programmes of the halal trading industry, with each focusing on different aspect of the trade business. Global Halal Summit (GHas), formerly known as World Halal Week, is an annual gathering of the industry’s brightest minds and passionate halal professionals. During this week, participants will enjoy exclusive access to facilitated discussions, knowledge sharing sessions, networking activities, and opportunities to further enhance the halal industry community for the benefits of the Ummah globally. Key highlights under the GHaS umbrella this year include the following six programmes: 1. International Halal Accreditation Board (IHAB) 1 April 2019, Grand Hyatt Hotel This closed-door intellectual discussion gathers Halal Standard authorities and Halal Certification bodies worldwide. The objective is to harmonise global halal operations and standards, as well as facilitate global halal certification and global cooperation within the halal industry. 2. 10th Halal Certification Bodies Convention (HCBC) 1-2 April 2019, Grand Hyatt Hotel Halal certifiers from all over the world gather to discuss current trends and challenges within the industry. This year’s edition will focus on discussions around certification and the value of halal as a recognised standard within the industry’s best practices. 3. International Halal Technical Capacity Development Programme (IHTCDP) 1-2 April 2019, Grand Hyatt Hotel Covering both the food and non-food sectors, IHTCDP gathers halal industry players, business leaders, entrepreneurs and Halal certification bodies to further accelerate halal technical knowledge, technology and innovation. 4. Global Halal Industries Congress (GHIC) 3 April 2019, MITEC GHIC is a new initiative that aims to strengthen halal compliance. Dialogues between relevant authorities and industry players will focus on finding solutions to improve the management of the halal supply chain, market access, and ingredients sourcing. 5. World Halal Conference (WHC) 3-4 April 2019, MITEC WHC is an international thought leadership conference gathering all segments of the halal industry. This year’s theme for discussions is “Fostering a True Halal Economy: Global Integration and Ethical Practise”. 6. Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 3-6 April 2019, MITEC Hosted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and organised by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), MIHAS is the world’s largest halal tradeshow that provides exciting sourcing opportunities.