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02 @Halal | april-may. 2019 contents | editor’s note | THE global halal hub 12-13 Halal is trending at Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 Malaysian halal industry heading to Japan Olympics with MHE2019 • Malaysian businesses for the win 14 Global Haltech: The tech in halal trade Global Haltech’s mission is to uphold the sanctity of the halal trade ecosystem through halal testing, halal products, and halal proficiency 04-05 World’s first shariah compliant internet suite of services Salam Web provides a way for us to safely browse the internet, the Muslim way • Malaysia confident to export RM50b in Halal export by 2020 • A piece of the halal pie • Forward in Malaysia’s halal market 06 Ready for a halal Olympic Games Muslim World League to supply halal meals for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games • Halal food delivery strengthens in Singapore 08-09 An overview on global halal market The world is witnessing a gradual shift towards halal goods and services • Indonesia streamlines halal certification through agency 10-11 Along the route to halal Malaysia Malaysia’s halal trade continues on with JAKIM’s efforts to make certification and trading more efficient and empowering • Advancing the Global Halal Industry 15 Invest Selangor and what they do? T he world of halal trade is truly an exciting and fascinating one. As Muslims, we may take it for granted, knowing that the products and food we use and eat are mostly halal in Malaysia. However, the halal industry globally is no small fry. We are witnessing a signifi- cant shift in the global trading industries, particularly in food, travel, finance, and cosmetics, among many others. We tend to forget that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, and as such, will also become the world’s largest population in the near future. Therefore the need for global industries to cater to Muslims with halal products and services is a no-brainer. Even today, Malaysia continues to promote its strength in providing halal products and services to the world. Malaysia wants to be THE global halal hub, especially among the Asian Pacific countries. A step in the right direction are seen through the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. The Muslim World League (MWL) have been in agreement with the Japanese government to become the official supplier of halal meals and other amenities for all Muslim participants during the games happening in 2020. As for Malaysia, great efforts are being made to promote our halal products – through our local Small-Medium Enter- prises (SMEs), to Japanese consumers through Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Great things are happening with the halal industry as a whole, and we Muslims are getting the full benefits of it. No better time to live than now, I’d say. Assalamualaikum. Norman Hussaini Editor 16-17 Halal science to verify and certify The science behind what makes a product halal is important to understand, as it is an indicator for verification and certification 18-19 Powering the Halal Silk Route Initiative to facilitate halal trade arrangement between Malaysian and Japan through Halal Silk Route (HSR) 20-21 Malaysia’s Muslim-friendly tourism The high potential of Islamic attractions in Malaysia • The mosque with the most grandeur 22-23 Serving the Global Muslim Consumer MIHAS aims to showcase Malaysia as the choice to become a global halal hub, as it strengthens its position to become the largest halal-focused trade show • Foreword by Dato’ Wan Latiff Wan Musa, chief executive officer of MATRADE • Opportunities in the halal industry