Gyroscope Review 16-2 | Page 3

FROM THE EDITORS Here we are in April already, and Gyroscope Review is one year old. We hope you enjoy our anniversary issue and all the wonderful poems we bring you. While putting the issue together, something struck me as interesting. It took a couple of read-throughs, but I finally identified it. This could be the precipitation issue. Many of the poems mentioned water in some way, shape or form. Look at this list of watery terms found in the poems: Flood Sea River Stream Rain Lagoon Ocean Waves Storms Pond Creek Spray Snow Well Tears Pool Bay Tides Drop Gulf Drip Hail Squall Briny Splash Shower Fog Foam Steam Moist There’s probably a few terms I missed, but I thought it was a great collection for spring, a time of rebirth and renewal. Even in poems about loss there was a melancholy to hopeful air. That’s one of the things I love about reading for Gyroscope Review: the poems seem to come in waves of similar themes and subjects. Jump into Gyroscope’s Spring Issue with a cannonball splash. If you find a poem that moves you, strikes you, or just plain tickles your fancy, give the author some feedback. Drop them a line (most have ways to contact them in the author bios), give a shout out on Facebook or Twitter, let them know there are folks out there on our watery planet enjoying their hard work. It’s National Poetry Month; let’s celebrate our poets! Constance Brewer, Editor In our first year of publication, we’ve gotten poems from poets far and wide, from people writing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Some of our contributors have published well-received books of poetry, including James Graham whose new book, Becoming a Tree: Poems 2007-2015, we reviewed on our website, and Alexis Rhone Fancher, whose book, State of Grace: The Joshua Elegies, won an honorable mention at the Los Angeles Festival of Books in March. Isabella David McCaffrey’s book, The Voices of Women, is newly-released by Finishing Line Press. Sandra Lindow was nominated for a 2016 Rhysling Award for her science fiction poem, An Introduction to Alternate Universes: Theory and Practice, which we published in the Winter 2016 issue of Gyroscope Review. We have also worked hard to streamline the process of how we put this magazine together, including a less-cumbersome acceptance contract implemented during our last reading period. We’ve set ourselves apart by sending our contributors a PDF proof of the magazine before it goes live; this has allowed us to prevent a few little mistakes. We’ve stuck to our philosophy of Gyroscope Review - page i! i