Gyroscope Review 16-1 | Page 19

[disappeared] by henry 7. reneau, jr. we create only what we know will have dominion over us: the megaphone that is the internet serving as an imaginary prosthetic the kind of narcotic kaleidoscope of gasoline in the water cellphones nuclear bombs democracy & the Kardashians via reality t.v. bestride us like a colossus a monstrous animation of the institutions we create building a giant city out of high-powered telescopes one polygraph at a time converting the intensities of your pulse your heart your arteries your breath the contraction of your muscles i.e. the truth to oscillating lines on paper always under scrutiny: the stop-less conversion of internal life (pulse breath heat neural activity) to external data legible to processors like the woolen overcoat of a shadow the size of a threat as our silence mimes bravado—the hostage in the video mouthing the Lord's Prayer most often things ending up in the wrong hands that cause history to happen: the grasp of ego the weight of displacement speaking in the place of someone who is perfectly capable of speaking for themselves: why is it that we don’t exist in history until some white guy discovers us? a repeated lie of obscure origi