Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 57

Letter Home by John Grey His letter from the war was cleared by the censors. That's the meaning of the purple stamp. This letter can depart the battlefield by the usual channels, catch a plane to the US, wend its way through that incomparable maze the postal service. There's nothing of troop movements on its lightweight paper. The writing's scrawled and smudged but no hint that that's from low morale. There's no slights to fellow soldiers. No dwelling on the ones that died nor the officers that ordered them into treacherous territory. Slurs of politicians are fine. But the military protects its own. He's managed to skirt all that's forbidden. It's almost like a child writing home from summer camp except for the baseball game interrupted by sniper fire. It's mostly all "miss you" and "love you" with the occasional proviso, "and the kids." The people in charge are fine with that. They understand that a soldier would rather be home with his family than stuck in a foxhole trading bullets with the enemy. Pining and dislocation... That's where the kills come from.
 Gyroscope Review 56 !